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May the Fourth be with you!


May the Fourth be with you! May your Midichlorians be strong!

I am very happy May fourth and fifth fall on a weekend this year. I spent all day watching all of the Star Wars movies in order. I can not wait for the next three movies to come out. Yes I am worried and understand others concerns about the damaging of the story line however I highly doubt they will fail. If we look at the major box office movies these days, the best producers and directors really care about the story and this is such an important story I don’t think Disney or any other studio would allow it to be ruined.

The Star Wars movies are great and the games are just as great. Rouge Squadron, Knights of the Old Republic, the Old Republic and Lego Star Wars have all been successful thanks to a wonderful story and the vast galaxy of Star Wars these games are apart of what makes Star Wars awesome. Today I played some TOR and KOTOR while tomorrow I will be playing Rouge Squadron most of the day.

You don’t have to be a nerd to appreciate Star Wars and how Shakespearean the story can be. I love the internal battle of self of good and evil and the struggles of family while the one of them blows up your home planet. Anyone can relate to Star Wars however many people I know have never seem it or even want to because they feel it is to nerdy or something they will not like. This is many ways bothers me however it also makes me feel sorry for them for not wanting to be entertained by a marvelous story.

Anyways I thought I would share a few personal likes and dislikes of the whole Star Wars galaxy.

Favorite Characters: Yoda, R2D2
Favorite lightsabers: green and purple
Favorite type of Jedi: Jedi Sentinel
Favorite starship: B-wing
Favorite world: Kashyyyk
Favorite game: Rouge Squadron (NGC)
Favorite pod racer: Dud Bolt
Favorite Scene: Yoda vs Count Dooku
Disliked character: Jar-Jar Binks
Disliked scene: Mace Windu out the window
Disliked starship: A-wing
Disliked game: Battle for Naboo

Anyways I must prepare myself for tomorrow since it is Revenge of the Fifth. I have my lightsabers ready and one of my favorite shirts and Jedi robe cleaned.


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