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New Star Trek Sucks

Ok I just need to rant about the new Star Trek because as a long time Trekkie I am unhappy with this movie.

Official ——- SPOILER ALERT!!! ——

1) this is a remake of Star Trek Wrath of Khan. We don’t need another one. I understand that this new Star Trek is supposed to be an alternate reality but really? So many other stories one could tell.

2) they changed Klingons! This is a no no no-matter what. I don’t care if it is a different reality you still don’t change them. The ships, armor and even the Bat’leth was changed. I was so pissed when I saw that.

3) if you never saw Wrath of Khan then you wouldn’t know the ending but Spock would not yell Khan. O wait that wasn’t even the ending….

4) Star Trek is all about the science and I would have expected more on some aspects. Such as a starship wouldn’t be able to withstand the pressure of underwater and none of starships during that era could enter a planets atmosphere.

There are so many other things but I am very upset by this movie and I hate it! I hope I am not the only one. I am very concerned about the new Star Trek and what this means for the new Star Wars.


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