Alexandria, DC, Personal

To Protect and Serve

Last week was police week and there were many cops from nation wide here in the DC area. It is nice that we celebrate and remember those those work hard to keep us safe. A lot of you know my past and the mistakes I have made but it will surprise you that I haw great respect for police officers. It actually bothers me when people say “Fuck the police” and music and movies make them out to be the bad guys. I know there have been stories about bad or rotten cops however no matter where you go in society there will always be bad people and they sometimes do get into law enforcement. There are plenty of great cops out there and they deserve our cooperation and respect.

Almost none of you know this but after high school when I was denied into the Army due to medical, I applied to the Alexandria Police Department. I took the test and was selected to go to the academy. I had to wait six months however for the next rotation and needed a job so I had to back out not to mention the classes would have been in Loudon County. I do regret not going through with it but oh well. I will say I have only met hard working and amazing people at the APD and are very kind and respectful. I really like the officers at Alexandria and think they are some of the best.

A while back an officer was shot in the head here in Alexandria and miraculously survived. When that happened the entire city came together and helped. The suspect was caught very quickly and will face trial. The residents of this city came together and have raised money to help the family and pay medical expenses. I am glad he survived and will be able to see his children grow up.

Laws are here for a reason and even though I have broken a major one I can saw I now abide by the laws and understand why they are here. I have great trust that the officers of Alexandria will get to the truth of any crime committed here. The other day there was a shooting invoking a cop from another county and there is a lot of hostility to the police but I think that is misplaced. The person who is accused will have their day in court and the police will find the answers we seek wether we like the outcome or not.

Be thankful of the officers you have in your community and work with them because they are trying to keep you safe. Just imagine what it would be like without police or with a police force that is above and beyond the law.


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