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Time to rebuild.

With recent events, Americans are noticing more on the state of our infrastructure primarily the interstate highway system and bridges. A lot of these bridges and roads were constructed back in the late 1950’s when then President Eisenhower set forth on the project. Now our bridges are in a state of disrepair and need to be replaced.

The major issue however is money. The government should invest more money into upkeep because it will boost our economy by giving companies and employees work, raw material purchase, and insure safety. The question is where do we get the money from? Well the military spend the most out of any other sector so we need to cut back big time and rework funds. This is the smart move to get America back on track but who will be the one to step up and do it?

I live in Virginia and personally I am very happy with the roads here. The state is doing something right, the Springfield interchange, Woodrow Wilson Bridge, new hov lanes, and countless new and over-hauled bridges. I feel safe driving here in Virginia and even though construct adds delays, these projects have all made my travel alot easier and faster.


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