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Project: TITAN

As many of you all know I am an avid World of Warcraft player. World of Warcraft has been out for almost ten years now; seven of which I have been playing. Well recently Blizzard announce and confirmed rumors of Project Titan, another MMORPG. So what does this mean for WoW? Already developers and other team members have been tasked to the new project from WoW. With BlizzCon coming in November we will find out more also if there will be a new expansion pack for WoW.

I know that no game can last for ever, let alone one that is 10 years old with still over eight million players. It makes one wonder after investing so much time, will players revolt if everything worked for will be just deleted? If some important achievements would roll over, then I think fans would be a little bit happier. I have over 10700 achievement points and 40 feats of strength. But what about the investments we have made? Will there be any satisfaction?

Personally I have played worth 163 days (3,912 hours), 11 hours, and 4 minutes at the time of this post. That is a lot of time spent on getting gear, pets, mounts, achievements, and gold. I have also spent about $1140 on game time, $450 expansion packs and collectors editions, and $1940 on in game pets, mounts and purchases. To be be honest a grand total of $3,530 (not including the cost of my iMac which is not only used for gaming but school and work) is actually less than I expected after doing the math. For me that investment is worth it because I do have fun playing the game and following the stories. If we compare it to console games, each game is $60 which people get tired of within several days or weeks, the console itself can be close to $400 plus accessories which generally get replaced every 4-5 years, in my opinion the costs match up but I have more to show for the time invested as well as more things to still overcome.


Project Titan isn’t expected to come out till 2016 which even then could be delayed like so many other Blizzard games. So what will it be? In my opinion it will probably be World of Warcraft style but with a little more realistic graphics vs the cartoon style; a larger world with greater opinions for design of character; a family legacy account where depending on your toons the family has more unique skills; and better sever population controls. I would also expect to see more in game purchases and ability to purchase in-game currency or gear. If this is the way things will develop then some roll overs for devoted players should be available.

If WoW does die, I expect to see private servers to keep it alive for a while but even if that happens the game will have lost its appeal with no more events, holidays, upgrades, or new things to look forward too. Unlike Starcraft, Diablo, and Warcraft which are more solo based and don’t require other players, the World of Warcraft is dependent on people working together and beating difficult bosses, clearing raids, and killing the other team.

For now I will enjoy my time on WoW because even if it gets deleted in the end it is the pleasure of playing that Is important to me. Feel free to join me, I am Trigne on Alliance Dragonmaw. Time will tell if I play Project Titan but knowing myself I will probably be inline for a collectors edition.


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