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For the last week I have been busy enjoying my vacation and resting. This year the timing has really worked out for me to really have fun for a full week while it was somewhat slow at work. I was able to take a full week off to celebrate both my brothers birthday and my best friends birthday.


First off on Friday I left work early and headed down to Richmond to celebrate my little brothers 24th birthday. I was really excited when his girlfriend invited me out. My brother and I aren’t super close and I would like to change that. He is a good hard working person who I am very proud of.


Anyways on my drive down which took close to five hours thanks to traffic and getting a flat tire (which thanks to all of my work on the highway took me only 5 minutes to change) and having it fixed at Walmart. We all went to the Richmond Flying Squirrels baseball game which was fun but they have some weird things during the innings like a farmer pulling a pig around, a pink flamingo, and different nuts racing. After all that and meeting some of his friends we went bar hopping and just hung out. It was great to see him and spend some quality time with him and hope to do it more often.



On Saturday I got home late thanks to more traffic and just slept and relaxed. I also started watching the whole series of the office from the beginning for the hell of it. Also spent most of Saturday and Sunday playing World of Warcraft since I was going to be offline for a week.

Well on Monday it was time to celebrate my best friends birthday by going camping. Her friends, her boyfriend, her and I rented a cabin in the Shenandoah Valley. We stayed there till Wednesday and had a blast. I went hiking by my self and climbed up to this peak which had a nice view and a eagles nest next to it but they flew off before I could take a picture. I walked close to 5 miles and was gone close to 5 hours. I also went kayaking around this private lake, drove a golf cart, read Inferno, drank, played cards against humanity, and ate amazing food my best friend cooked. I also got to meet and chill with some really awesome people and hopefully get to chill with them again soon.


photo 3


For the rest of the week I have just continued reading Inferno and played some more WoW to catch up for the days missed. I also had oral surgery and mixed with the bad sunburn I got from camping (white people burn even with sunblock) it has been a little miserable but it’s ok. I also have to clean out Doris of all my stuff because I am going to have to look into getting a new car or truck soon. Over all I am happy with this week and I have some writing to do along with trying to continue more CAD programming of this invention of mine (if I can ever get it off the ground) so stay tuned!



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