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My home one day

I have been thinking about my perfect place recently. This is partly due to the fact that I need a home and second that I need space to call my own. I have spent many hours on floors-planner websites trying to build something close to my idea but I am horrible at it. I know it seems kind of girly to think about your dream home but guys do think about it too.

First off… Location, Location, Location… Either I would like to have this home in Alexandria, New Zealand, or Finland. I would like to live outside USA but then again I love Alexandria. It needs to have a decent backyard or at least some private outside space.

Second is the house itself. I would like a small two story house. First floor would be the garage with plenty of space for my truck, tools, and workbenches. I would have a computer or two in the garage. The second floor would have a decent kitchen attached to the living room with a decent tv. I would have a small bedroom that has a bed that goes from wall to wall. I would have another room as a study library where I could have a lazy boy to sit and read and a desk with my computers to play video games. Finally a stair case to the roof patio with a grill and a huge telescope.

Even if I get married and have children, I would always keep this place not as a second home but as a place to be alone and escape. Even if one is with someone, everyone needs a place to think and be alone. This is my home and place where I can be happy, have all my pleasures and tools to live. Oooo this home would also be very secure and stocked invade of zombies. That is all.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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