Doris, ME, Trips

Goodbye Doris


Today is an end of an era in my life. My truck Doris broke down last month and required over a $4,500 repair, something which I can not afford. Well today was a stressful day and I finally sold her to for $750. I was scared I was going to get scammed and spent all day worrying and trying to protect myself. I went to the DMV and spoke to someone, talked to a neighbor, and even talked to coworkers hoping I was not being stupid or dumb. I was concerned that I was falling victim to a scam and tried to be smart thinking of everything I needed to worry about. Well lucky it seems to have gone well, they picked it up the same day and I have a check in the bank (the bank says its good but i cant wait for it to fully clear in the morning). Just incase I have pictures and so much information that I will be able to hopefully make things right if I was used again. I will say I was actually upset to see her go.


You know my truck has been the one stable thing in my life for many years and it does hurt to see her go. I have been through breakups, girlfriends, loss of friends, many jobs, homes, and even traveling and being in other states. Doris and I have been through a lot and anytime I needed a road-trip or to escape or to the rescue, she has always been there. Yes I know its an inanimate object but I haven’t had many things be around longer and this really is an end of an era for me.


Now it is time for me to look for a new car or truck but with the economy and so many other bills this will have to wait. Personally I hope to have a new truck and one that I can put close to 300,000 miles on. I came close to it with Doris, only hitting 291,000 miles. My time for adventure and travel is not done however and My new truck will carry on the same purpose that I commissioned Doris to do; Help and Explore. I will travel and see new and glorious places and help those along the way that need a hand.

Goodbye Doris, you were amazing and we had a hell of a time!



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