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Happy Fourth of July!

Unlike many years before, this has been the best Fourth of July ever. Since 2006 I have had lame or bad time for the big reason I didn’t have anyone to spend the day with or a reason to go out. I didn’t start drinking till I was almost 24 and I didn’t like being in bars before that so I just stayed at home and slept or did something to keep me busy. Also for four straight years I would be working on the highway since it was one of the busiest holidays of the year travel wise. There were plenty of times were I would start at 8 am and be done close to 3 am. Those long days or accidents, tire changes, lockouts, and medical emergencies just ruined the day for me.

This year was different and I am very happy and pleased about that. For starters I got to sleep in till 10 am which is nice waking up to the sun and birds not the Gir Doom Song (alarm ringtone). Once I was up and ready I took a trek into the Smithsonian National Zoo. If you have never been or have not gone since you were little; you should make the trip. Not only was the whole metro trip and walking good for me, but just seeing the animals brought a nice warmth to my heart (not talking about the sun or 92 degrees). I hit up everything I wanted to see from the lion to the sea lions to the pandas. It was a long hike, close to 5 miles according to my app, which I haven’t been able to do with out stoping and taking a pain med or siting down for a while due to the pain.

Just being out made it a good day but later after getting home, cooling down, playing some World of Warcraft, and having Panera I was ready for some more. I took the metro back out to the airport and walked to Gravely Point which is an over look to watch the planes land and see the monuments from the Virginia side. Laying out on the grass with the cool air after the hot day was refreshing and calm. What really put a smile on my face was watching the beautiful and awesome fireworks display with explosions and types of displays I didn’t know existed.

Today was a grand day and I was happy.

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