College Bills

On July 1st Congress was not able to help college students pay for school. Even though both sides have agreed that loan interest doubling would be a bad thing; they could not come to an agreement.

For the last few days I have been reading articles and trying to understanding the budget, where money goes, and the deficit. All I can really understand is that we are spending way to much in places that I don’t believe have priority. Right now we are in the mists of a sequestration to cut spending by the government and because of this everyone is taking a look at the budget.

Right now military spending is the biggest drain on the bank followed by social security. While I understand and do think these are important, I think in today’s world we need to change where we spend and invest. I believe the order we should be investing money is: Healthcare, Education, Science and Research, Social Security, Military, then Transportation. Even if we reduce the number of nukes, aircraft carriers, and large battalions we would save a lot of money that could be used for the people to be better and learn. We have allies and with special forces and some of the aircraft carriers and nukes we do have that will protect us.

We need to start thinking as a planet and single race so we can be a type 1 civilization one day. To get there we need to invest on education more than we currently do. As a student with student debt and loans I have to focus more on a job that pays bills than exercising my brain and knowledge. I have many ideas and thoughts but I can not tinker or come up with answers to my questions because I am worried more about paying the bill. This country is hitting a roadblock with its future while other country’s can really invest in education and quality of life.

Come on America, drop the gun and pick up the textbook.


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