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There’s an app for that…

Technology has rapidly improved to the point where new tools and resources are available at our fingertips. Smart phones and tablets have given us the power to have information and tools anywhere and anytime we need them. It is hard to imagine life with out these devices and software but these perks are only five years old.

I remember getting my first iPhone, a first generation, while working for Apple. I got it a few months after they were released and back then only the basic software apps and web based apps. A few of the web based apps I would use were conversion tables, a few games, and astronomy viewers. It took a a full year before the App Store was even released let alone great apps coming out.

The way to go was to jail break and since I worked at Apple I knew the software and what was good and bad. I had a great program where I had Zelda hearts for my battery, video camera, and even some good word processing programs.

Today you can find an app for anything really and even some weird things I am not surprised that there is an app for. Personally I use a lot of astronomy apps along with some of the popular ones such as Facebook , twitter, WordPress, pages, devour, and banking apps. I can’t imagine getting through the day without my iPhone and not because of the games but because of the ability to check my bank accounts, email, healthcare, and everything else important when I think of something I should look into.

The App Store has had over 10 billion downloads and I am sure that it will be around for a long time with many new and improved ideas. Lets see where we are at five years from today.


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