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Friends around when we need them the most.

For the week of Fourth of July this year my best friend from school flew in and visited me. We had a blast checking out many different museums and monuments around DC. It was the best week I have had this year and in a long time. Since I rarely see any of my friends let alone be able to go to different sights and explore new things; I really cherish these moments and looking back on these really give me hope and happiness.

Growing up I didn’t have many friends. I had two up till around middle school when they both moved (have never heard from them again). It was always hard for me to make friends and still is. High school was the best because I made a lot of friends through JROTC except for now I really only talk to one of them probably once a month these days. At apple I made a few friends but stopped talking to them when I left and the same thing happened at college. The two friends I have left I cherish and would do anything for and wish I could see them more often because I do get lonely and just want have a person to always talk to and know everything.

It sucks not having a core group which I can call up, chill, talk to, or even joke with. I hope that when I get more settled and I get that career that things will change but my gut tells me that it won’t. So for now I will look back with a smile at all of those great times and pray for at least one more exciting adventure with my friends before I loose them like everyone else in my life.

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