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First real day back.

God I am sore! Today I can proudly say was my first day at really working out. Since my knee injury playing soccer for Finlandia I haven’t been able to really work out due to pain and a lack of motivation. I have tried several times to work out but would quit after a while.

After my knee injury in October of 2011 I was primarily just sitting around not wanting to walk or move. I finally went through three months for physical therapy in January of 2012 and should have done at least another three months according to the trainer but my insurance only covered the first three and I could not afford the rest of the sessions. The sessions did help me and I felt great for a time afterwards but I got lazy again. I couldn’t afford to go to the gym they referred me to so I had to wait.

Finally after 2 months of saving I went to LA fitness and for about two months worked out. Shortly I became frustrated with the staff and trainers constantly canceling sessions and not showing up that I quit. Since then I have not really worked out and only going for the occasional walk although work does keep me on my feet and carrying boxes so I have not been siting on my ass the whole time.

My best friend recently visited for Fourth of July and seeing how active she was made me want to get back into being healthy and fit. Well since then I have done the occasional work out primarily doing at least squats. With the heat being close to 105 degrees for the last week I have not wanted to really go out.

Tonight was the first night of many however. With it being nice and cool I hit an old soccer field I used to play on. I ran just under a mile before my knee started to hurt which I will get better at. I also did a lot of exercises I remember doing during AJROTC. I got a decent amount of reps in for each before being to tired. I spent a full hour and half outside just trying.

I know this isn’t the best I have ever done or anything but this is the best I have done in a long time. I am going to keep going every night and try. My goals are to be able to run non-stop for atleast 30 mins and 3 miles, cut down the gut, and be able to do 100 sit-ups non-stop. These are simple goals which I know if I keep this up till fall I should be there in the next 3 months.


One thought on “First real day back.

  1. Good job Frank! I’m Sarah’s dad and saw this blog. In my experience, having a good workout routine is good for the body and mind. I try to get in 30 min minimum. On treadmill each day. I just gave up soda a week ago as well. So I am with you. Best of luck on your exercise routine and I look forward to meeting you soon with Harri and Sarah!

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