Family, Friends, ME, Personal, Work


I AM …
a son
a brother
a nerd
a soccer player
a best friend
a student
a writer
an explorer
a Browncoat
a rugby player
a gamer
a shadow priest
a friend
a medic
a soldier
a blogger
a planner
a reader
an author
a historical military researcher
a handyman
a mover
a long distance driver
a Finn
a giver
a Trekkie
a listener
a fixer
a Springfieldianite
a computer repairman
a roadside rescue technician
a Lutheran
a scientist
a builder
a curious one
a Terran
a Mac-user
a confidant
an astrophysicist
a Virginian
a criminal
a Titan
a Lieutenant Colonel
a donator
a loremaster
a Jedi
a leader
a loner
A slapbet commissioner
a hacker
a thespian
a traveler

I am still evolving…

All of these things are a part of me and make me who I am. I am proud of this and look forward to many more titles including father, husband, PHD, and hero. I can do a lot and there is a lot that I could not. Be proud of yourself, talents, and accomplishments because those are what shape your life and the lives of those around you.


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