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Financial stability

My next paycheck in 9 days will be a nice little milestone for me. I will have paid off all of my debt except for student loans (those are going to take for ever.) I will have paid off completely both of my credit cards and not have to rely on them so they can keep the full line of credit and I will only make purchases with my debit card. I will have paid off all of my medical and legal bills that I have been paying for a while now.

Primarily all I will owe every month is only about $250 which will be Internet and cell phone bills, World of Warcraft and Netflix monthly payments, and minimum service charges for the credit cards. I normally run up about an addition $400 a month in other purchases, gas, and food. This will let me save almost all of my paycheck for December. I am hoping that in December I will have enough saved so half will go for a down payment on a new truck and a new computer and the other half is for emergencies. From there on I expect about $800 a month for truck payments, gas, and insurance.

A new idea also hit me today after talking to a friend. I looked online and homes in Hancock are pretty cheap so I am considering becoming a landlord and renting out. This will not be an instant payday since most of the money will go to the mortgage and the rest will be used to save for emergencies. This will in the long term give me some financial stability and property. I am think I will travel up there for handing over keys and all in the beginning of the school year because the primary residents would be students. I would put in a lot of hard work myself and only contract out repairs if they are an emergency.

Anyways I have a lot to plan out. I would still work at McCaffery for a while and finish up school. McCaffery is atleast giving me healthcare and dental and a solid 401(k) and even helping with school. I still am unsure of a career but with my time at McCaffery it should help me find a job. Even if I end up working in an office I am still a very hands on person and will have many other things to keep me busy with side jobs and work.


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