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Lego Simpsons


Lego just announced that the Simpsons will be joining the world of Lego and as a fan of both the Simpsons and Lego I am very happy about this. Ever since Lego came out with Star Wars I wondered what else could be made into Legos. I really started to wonder why the Simpsons were not when they came out with the Spongebob sets. I love the Indiana Jones, Batman, Star Wars, and Marvel sets a lot and when I heard Simpsons were coming out I was ecstatic!

For a long time Lego was in decline because its models ad series were not selling that well. I remember growing up the series I had were the pirates, town, aqua, and Wild West. Personally I enjoyed these sets and never got tired of building and playing with them. We had a large Lionel “O-gauge” set and Legos were the perfect size to act as towns people and buildings for the layout.

Now the Simpsons will be joining and I will be sure to build them all. As a huge Simpsons fan and lego fan i hope they really honor the history and make some amazing sets. Here are a few top fives I would like to see since we already know the entire family will be there.

Top 5 locations

1) The Complete Simpsons house!
2) Sector 7-G / Nuclear Power Plant
3) Krustyland
4) Moe’s
5) Springfield Elementary / Playground
HM) Kwik E Mart

Top 5 Characters (None Simpsons Family)

1) Ned Flanders
2) Kang and Kronos (can’t have one without the other (well I guess you could))
3) Krusty the Klown
4) Duffman
5) Itchy and Scratchy (gotta have both)
HM) Moe

Top 5 specials for the characters

1) Bartman Costume
2) Bart’s skateboard and lucky red cap
3) Homer’s Mr. Plow Jacket
4) Abe Simpson’s Hellfish uniform
5) Lisa’s Sax
HM) Homer in Hazmat suit with rod

Top 5 Vehicles

1) Simpsons Family Car
2) Mr Plow Snow Plow
3) Police Chief Wiggims Police Car
4) Kang and Kronos Spaceship
5) Homer’s Perfect Car
HM) Mr. Burns Car

I already have several collectors versions of Star Wars Legos and if they come out with some for the Simpsons I will be sure to get those also.


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