Bananas to be extinct?

I was going through the geek week videos YouTube has and I randomly came across this one video. The video is an explanation as to how bananas are evoking extinct and that some have species already are. This is brand new knowledge to me and frankly I am very surprised. I am not surprised that this is a problem; the video provides plenty of information as to what is happening and it makes perfect sense. I am surprised however at the amount of coverage and media that this problem is getting.

Bananas are an amazing and perfect fruit just like the video describes, with plenty of vitamins and nutrients in a perfect shape and texture. Did you know that there are even studies that show that banana peels can help break down waste and clean up water from heavy metals and contaminates? Banana peels and leaves also have many other uses such as for medical and cooking along with some household hacks. Trash Backward has a nice list of uses for banana peels.

As a scientist I feel like we can do more to prevent extinction of this perfect fruit by either using genetics to create a few unique species or medical research to prevent diseases from destroying crops. Now that I know this issues exists I am going to keep an eye on it so that if bananas ever do cease to exist that I will have enjoyed my last one fully.


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