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There has finally been confirmation that Area 51 exists! Now so far the documents that have been released reference it’s existence and location. The documents have many redacted which means additional information has not been released only partial documents. This still means we don’t know much as to what is there or anything that takes place on this CIA base.


Now of course Area 51 is synonymous with Aliens and crash landings at Roswell. Now while I do believe Aliens do exist and would like to believe that they have the technology to and have visited, I doubt they have. It is more realistic to believe Area 51 is a special military research area.

Documents that were released refer also to the U-2 Dragon Lady, a spy plane, that the CIA tested at Area 51. During the Cold War knowing what the enemy was doing at all times was critical to deterring nuclear war. Since we didn’t want Russians knowing what we were developing or testing, Area 51 became one of the largest national secrets. With many other research and tests being conducted out there accidents were bound to happen. With accidents comes witnesses which helps fuel the idea of alien space craft. The circular shape, flying saucer shape, has been tested before but never gained momentum however it is useful to note there are several unmanned aerial vehicles use this shape.

While I wish and do have some hopes that aliens are at Area 51, being logical puts me in the position not to with out proof. Now it is about time we do see government documents that do refer to Area 51. Many years from now I hope to have more confirmation as to what really occurs there and all.


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