Say Hello to Miranda


I would like to introduce you to Miranda. Just whisper the name out loud and it sounds awesome. She is a 2010 Burgundy F150 Crew-Cab with a 5.4L V8.

Since May of 2013 when I had to give away Doris I have been researching different cars and trucks. I finally came between a F150 or a Ford Fusion. Now I test drove both and did enjoy both but I was in love with the F150. Since this is the first time I am buying pretty much a car by my self, I decided to go with the car I loved the most. The fusions I liked went for about $19k to $21k and the F150s were about $25k to $28k. So for a few thousand more I could get a truck that I can use and haul stuff around and the F150 does have better gas mileage than my old Sport Trac.

So for a few months I had been looking and trying to see what is out there when I randomly saw 2 trucks that were hitting every point I was looking for. I had been debating saving till December but with not having my own car and also being kinda down in the dumps I decided I needed this now. So I went to Carmax. I will say I was very happy about the whole process. We kept on looking and the sales lady walked me through everything. After going through a few trucks and looking at possible transfers we found a match to my stubborn wants. I wanted a truck with a crew cab, center console (no bench), short bed, and cloth seats.

The transfer truck was in North Carolina and took all of a day to arrive instead of the quoted week. When I finally got the call to go in and see her I was stunned. I could see her as I pulled in to the lot and she looked more beautiful in person than in pictures. I was unsure about the color from online but burgundy is a good look with chrome. After going for a long test drive and going up and down the car I was sold. While on the test drive she handled great and of-course I already had to test how well she handled when avoiding an accident. This lady pulled into the intersection and I nearly hit her but I swear this truck handled the brake and maneuver so well.

Anyways the whole process from when I test drove and said yes to signing and out the door was all of an hour. Now my rate is a little high with the Carmax financial rate but the part that I love is that I could take Miranda home with me today and still have three business days to bring in a better offer for financing. I am glad I didn’t have to put any money down so I can hold what little savings in reserve in case of emergencies. So next step is to see what deals I can get from the credit union to help bring the monthly payments down. With monthly payments and insurance, I will be paying $800 a month.

Overall I am very happy. Miranda looks brand new and the interior is in great near mint condition. She has 41k miles on her but I am sure she will be able to hit 300k no problem because I plan on keeping her around for a long time like Doris. Feel free to hit me up if you want to take a ride because she is a joy to drive.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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