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Agents of Awesome!

A brand new series premiered last night, Agents of Shield. This new show flows the story of the marvel universe after the Avengers movie. Picking up right after the battle of New York we start with a new team of agents going around saving one person at a time. What makes this show even better is that Joss Whedon is involved. For everyone new to Joss Whedon I would like to welcome you to the best story telling ever. This show has only had one episode so far however it is full of Joss Whedon hat tricks and methods.

On the first night of airing, 4.6 million views tuned in to watch it live. Reports also say that an additional 1.8 million people watched online within one day. This is the highest ratings for a premier in four years. Personally the first episode was perfect having the right about of action, introductions and questions.



With the first episode we find out quite a lot but also start to ask a lot of questions. First off Agent Phil Coulson is alive and kicking, Director Fury just lied that he was dead when really he was gone for only 8 seconds. Next we learn from a hat trick that Shepard Book’s secret identity is a Shield agent (Firefly reference/joke). I consider Agent Hill (Robin) appearance a hat trick for two reasons: first being she has worked with two other actors on How I Met Your Mother that Joss works with; Second was her appearance in Avengers.


Just like Joss we see a lot of unique camera angles to portray mood, the main one is the reflection in the apartment of the heist and fight scene. Another thing is the speech Sky does is something of freedom and resistance just like that or Mr. Universe (Serenity). There is also the personality and character of inanimate objects and giving them names. I forgot to mention my favorite thing… Lola can fly!!! Lastly is the British accents, Joss loves to use actors with British accents and I think the two scientist will make for an interesting story I just hope neither of them die!

Like I said plenty of questions came up, such as what is Sky’s real name?
I also want to know if we will see Directory Fury or any of the Avengers.
This show is in a unique place because it is going hand in hand with the movies and because of this we could actually have a chance for some serious tie ins to the movies. Along with that I think this is a chance for some of the movie actors to make appearances to help the show and story.

In the mean time I can’t wait for the next episode. I am hooked and will watch live every night along with doing a few rewatches on hulu for things I miss. I hope you all watch it because this is one of those shows that everyone will be talking about.


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