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Today the American government shut down putting many Americans without work or a paycheck. We have no idea how long this will last; 1 day or 100 days, it all will be bad or worse. The last time this happened was in 1996 for 21 days. It is obvious tea party republicans are responsible for the shut down for not passing any resolution with Obamacare. The funny thing is even though they shut down the government Obamacare still started up today and was not affected. Their posturing has made it harder for Americans to make a buck.

Current polls show congress’ approval rating below 10% which means less than 10% of Americans approve what congress has done. This is a sign that congress does not have the people in mind and only are on the job for their personal political gains. Everyone in congress is at fault because it is not one side or the other, they have to work together and be partisan. They represent Americans and Americans them selves are diverse but negotiations and deals need to be made to make people happy and trust the government.

Government employees are not the only ones in the dark today, many others rely on programs from the government including research and contracting jobs. I am very lucky to have a job these days that pays well and provides benefits such as healthcare, however my job is also affected even though it’s a private company. We rely on National Archives, Smithsonian, and other locations to do research and with the shutdown we can not get work done. I am happy I have some money in savings at the moment to help overcome any financial burdens that may arise if I have to cut hours.

Some government employees will still be on the job due to the nature of their work such as food inspectors, FAA flight controllers, TSA, uniformed soldiers, and zoo caretakers. That is still only a small number of employees that are safe and will be able to count on a paycheck. Many other employees will have to rely on savings and maybe even part time jobs depending on how long this takes. I personally don’t know if I will have my hours cut but I am already shortening my day to reduce the internal spending. Cutting my hours will help the company keep more employees staffed and paid plus I only have a few bills to worry about versus some of my coworkers with family and children.

With the shut down: parks, museums, research centers, and other programs to help people are all closed. One particular thing occurred today that really pissed me off. An honor flight of about 200 World War 2 veterans was scheduled to arrive today and tour the World War 2 memorial for the first time. A honor flight is a event where they bring veterans to see the memorials for them for free and help with medical and transportation. The greatest generation was finally able to see the memorial by going through the barricades that closed the memorial. I personally would want to see congress to go outside, walk down the national mall and explain themselves to those veterans.

This is only day one and things are about to get worse before they get better.


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