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End of an addiction.

For close to 7 years I have played World of Warcraft. With some lulls and months I limit my use I am still over 330 days worth of logged in game play on a single character, Trigne. I have not logged in however for over 3 months and just don’t feel like going back. I still picked up my virtual blizzcon ticket to see what is announced and the costume contests. Even with the new announcement of an expansion pack I am hesitant to come running back.

First off I am playing alone. Sure I am apart of a guild but guildies come and go quite often. I would rather have actual friends I know play along with me but that is a dream as none of my friends have the same interests as I do. Having friends play along helps make the hours a lot more fun when grinding for rep or trying to kill some rare NPC. Having an actual friend play would for sure bring me back in-game.

These days the two primary areas where people spend time are PVP and raids. These are hard to get a solid group that can be counted on so friendships come in handy. Most of the raids I have been apart of a groups of friends looking for a. Few additional people to fill the ranks. In doing these types of runs I am left out in some key loot and mounts because the friends stick together and want it for themselves first. Of course there are raids which are all individuals but those don’t drop the best loot nor can count towards some of the achievements.

Solo play is getting left behind with quest lines not seeming to suffice in some loot or prizes. Even rep grinding is very difficult alone because of PVP. There is not much that keeps me wanting more when the game seems to be lagging in diversity of playing styles.

As I said playing alone is dangerous especially thanks to PVP. It is easy to be killed by someone with excellent PVP gear and with groups going around killing individuals it makes people want to rage quit. Even PVP action is strongly one sided for example most matches I go into my side are all individuals with no plan or teamwork while the other side is of a clan who has worked together for a while. Yes I have tried to PVP with my clan but since they hold slots for friends it’s tricky to get in and with the high rate of people joining and leaving the guild politics gets in the way.

For the most part I am done with heavy gameplay within WoW and I will rarely log in or anything anymore. If I find someone interested in playing with that will be a different story but so far no luck. Needless to say the 4 – 6 hours I would spend in game are being out to better use.


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