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Na Na Na Na Na Na Batkid

For a day this week San Francisco transformed in to the legendary Gotham City. Saving the day while raising the spirits of a major U.S. city was pint-sized Miles Scott, 5. Miles is in remission from leukemia, and, thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, managed to turn his obsession with comic book heroes into the real thing. Well, almost. There was no way Penguin and Riddler were going to get away with anything on Friday. The city was touched by Batkid and by taking down the Penguin and Riddler he brought the power of what one young kid can do to touch our hearts.

Now if you aren’t familiar with this story I highly suggest you read and view more. Below I have added a video as well as some photos. I am a huge fan of Batman and absolutely loved this story and wish I could have been there in person.

In my opinion I think this was a marvelous thing the city and citizens could have done for this kid who already has had a tough life. I understand many people where upset by the waste of money for just one kid however I think we spent the money wisely. In truth Miles may have been the one who got to fight crime and go on a wonderful adventure but the rest of use got to go along with him. The whole city and country got to experience this wonderful act and not just cheer up one child but many by seeing that dreams can come true and that there are good and caring people in this world. I am curious what the final expenditures were for this event but with so many people volunteering their time and energy I don’t think much else was spent except for crowd control.













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