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It’s X-mas in Springfield

Well it’s that time again where the Simpsons celebrate another X-mas. The show is now in it’s 25th season which is insane and like always there is always a message of peace on earth.

The Simpsons Tapped Out game just had it’s X-mas update also and it has been highly anticipated. There are plenty of unlockables and new buildings to add. You have to use gift cards you collect to unlock the content but some of the seasonal stuff from last year doesn’t give gift cards this year which sucks.

So far I am glad they added in Springfield mall and I have the plow king. There seems to be plenty more to still unlock but I am really running out of space. I hope they add some more land to purchase real soon because I have many buildings stored in my inventory. I would have loved to see the stage have some Christmas carols.

Anyways here are a few screen shots of what’s going on in my Springfield. Feel free to stop on by, fscheer05.











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