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My year


Here is my year in review as well as what I hope to accomplish in 2014. 2013 was a year of realization for me and 2014 will be the year of accomplishments.

-First off Doris died on me this year. Sad I know just under 300,000 miles traveled in her. She was my favorite but it lead the way for me to learn how to really buy a car and what I need to do. I eventually bought Miranda a few months later and very happy with my decision. She still needs some more stuff added to her accessories wise but that can happen as the year develops.

-I started my third year at my job and love that I have a steady income. This will really help me try and diligently save up to take care of some needs and spoils.

-I rekindled lost friendships from high school this year. It is nice to be closer to Jarreau Megan and Lauren again if not closer than before. I also made a few new friends this year but lost many more. Lost trust with a lot of people and overall determined most of the people I thought were friends just were a waste of time, energy and thought.

-My relationship with my brother grew and got closer which I am very happy about. We spent more time hanging out and talking than years past which I welcome.

-My best friend Siera visited me and made my summer awesome. Having someone that cares around a you really changes your outlook on life. Thanks to her, Naeroby, and Kelsey, I really want to improve my life and dunno what I would do if any of them weren’t in my life.

-Attended classes in the fall semester this year and got two A’s and a B. Even though I am very smart I have always been a B or C student so very happy that I was able to do so well.

-Didn’t have the best birthday this year but did realize just a few people can make your day and anyone who doesn’t have the energy to reach out doesn’t really care.

-Paid off quite a few of my debts which is nice because now I can save and focus on my own needs and wants in 2014.

-Started to write up a business plan for Rent-A-Bay. Still a work in progress and much more to learn but I will take a few business classes to help me understand more about what I am getting myself into.

-My knee has still been giving me some real issues and unfortunately my shoulder is now also acting up on me. However if I work out and loose some weight it will help me work out the kinks.

For the new year I have several achievements ahead of me that I am going to work harder than ever to achieve.

1) Loose 80 lbs. Just 7 lbs a month and I will be squared away. Morning and afternoon exercise will be the regiment.
2) No fast food. Everything will be made at home this year except for the occasional dinner out with friends.
3) No alcohol. I may be going into the year drunk be I’m going to make that the last time for the whole 2014. I did it for 22 years of my life I can at least do it for one more.
4) Save $1000 a month for $12,000 in savings by the end. This one will be the hardest because I am always helping people and that will change. I still may help select people when they need it however the real goal is to look out for myself and treat myself well this year.

With 2013 going out on a mixed note for me; 2014 will be the best year I have ever had and my hard work will make it so because no one else will make it awesome for me.


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