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So I have avoided Minecraft for one simple reason, not to get addicted… well I finally downloaded it earlier this month and have been really enjoying my time mining through stone, killing pigs and getting pushed into lava by zombies. This game really challenged my rage-quit control; I have started many new maps as I learn the game and tricks. I have also had to rely heavily on youtube to learn how to use redstone (an electric current type of rock) and how to get my minecarts moving on the track.

At first I started out on a nice map but was killed instantly because I didn’t know creepers could come out during the day; that part sucked. On another map I learned how to finally build a house and a fence that can keep the freaking spiders away. On all of these maps I left the cheats on so I could really get comfortable with the controls and exploring part. I tell you I have to go online to figure out some of the recipes at times and I keep on finding new things like that there is a jukebox in game. I have been able to figure out quite a bit on my own such as keeping a good supply of food around, how to branch mine the chunks, and how to ambush skeletons so they cant use the bow.

After 12 maps I have been working on a normal survival map without cheats and I have only died twice. Below are some pictures of what the gameplay looks like along with the home I have built in this difficult map along with descriptions. I will do a video tour a little later. I will say I am happy with it and cant wait to get more than 20 diamonds. I also am trying to learn more about redstone but will leave most of that experimenting to the outposts I build.

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