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Built Ford Tough




The DC Auto show was in town last week and of course with my busy schedule, I couldn’t find a moment to go. The real reason why I wanted to go this year was of course the display of the new 2015 F150. According to Ford’s website, the new design would have been at the show but the shows website along with several people I know said that it wasn’t there or they couldn’t find it. That alone made me not stress to much about missing the show but this post is about the beautiful and new F150.

There are plenty of new features and design aspects that the new F-150 sports but the key new feature is the material it is made of. High-strength, military-grade, aluminum alloys in its body and bed, weighing in as much as 700 lbs. less than its predecessor. Plus standardized chemistry of the aluminum alloy used in construction allows Ford to facilitate recycling which means aluminum scrap can be reclaimed and sent back into the manufacturing process to minimize waste.

There are a few new features that I wish I had right now. The new LED bed lights which means I don’t have to go about installing my own and are flush with the sides of the bed. The mirrors have spotlights on them allowing you to look down alleys and check for house numbers. Police and utility companies are going to love that because it will be a reduction in the cost of additions they have to make. There will even be 400 watt three prong plug outlets to charge tools, laptops, and other gear for those who use the trucks as a mobile office and workspace.

Personally I want my current F150 to last 6-8 years but I wish I could have my hands on the new F-150 when they come out. I do know at least the next truck I am getting will be the new style of F-150’s.




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