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Everything is Awesome… with the Lego Movie

Awesome Awesome Awesome! That is the best way to describe this movie. Not to give to much away but it has a wonderful script that has a real story that every person who has ever created anything with Legos will understand. The message is simple, have fun! Those of us who follow the directions vs. those of us who create amazing things from our imagination; the battle is constant and Lego knows its audience to show that battle. I expected a good movie more so targeted to children but I was wrong and I came out holding back tears because it is for master builders of all ages.

As I said the script is very well written but it is so much more than that, there is great acting, visual effects, battles, and creations to keep you looking for more. The acting, who knew that you could get so much emotions from a simple yellow face? The creators kept the true movement of Legos know that movements they can and can not do. The voices behind each of the main characters and even the guest cameos from the franchises really helps and delivers!

Visual effects are key and while CGI was used in the making a lot of the scenes are stop motion using real Lego blocks. How many blocks you ask? According to several sources 3,863,484 Lego blocks were used. To pull off the entire movie they would have needed 15,080,330 blocks and 183 different minifigures. Everything within the movie except for a few things (the lollipop staff, 9-volt battery, Q-tip, bandaid, laser keychain, nail polish, x-acto knife, and the Kragle!) are Legos including the laser blasts, water, smoke, and fire. The lighting also was wonderful and by using the Lego blocks for fire and laser blasts it made it all believable.

The creativity for the sets, characters, and vehicles really show off the abilities of the true master builders working at Lego. The use of and mentioning of the many and different franchises of Lego really and truly makes this a movie about all Legos. The battles and moments where the characters create items to help them on their quest out of the scenery is brilliant in my opinion. As I said, the movements of the characters are true to real Lego pieces and even in battles, they are jumping around and knocking each other in the same manor that I used to with my minifigures.

Enough really can not be said about this movie and this has now jumped up into my top 5 of all time favorite movies. I highly recommend that everyone sees this movie and not only for the plot but for all the memories and easter-eggs the movie has for all builders. Since builders these days are of all ages; from those kids getting their first police station set, to those young adults who pick up advance sets to relax with, to the artists and professionals who use Legos in the work place, Lego knows its customers and what they like. I really hope you enjoy it as much as I have (saw it 3 times now twice in 3D) and let me know what you thought.



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