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2014 Olympics


As we have come to an end we look back at another successful Winter Olympics. For 2014, Sochi Russia on the Coast of the black sea was the host to the games. The small Russian coastal city had to build everything from scratch making this the highest price tag for an Olympic games, 51 Billion dollars. For these games we will remember the double bathroom stalls, people getting stuck and having to break out of bathrooms, and incomplete housing for athletes and spectators.



On the other hand while the biggest concern for these games was security, no major attack or terrorist event took place. I will give credit to all of the security forces from all the nations that took part in keeping everyone safe. There were protests however, Pussy Riot, a group advocating for gay and lesbian rights in Russia were detained and several pictures of arrests and beatings. I am glad to announce none of the gay or lesbian athletes from any country were detained or prevented from competing in their events.

The host country like many times before walked away with the lead of the metal count, 33 for Russia. USA had a total of 28 metals, Norway with 26 and Canada with 25 but it should be noted both Norway and Canada had more gold metals than USA.


Even though Finland walked away with 5 medals, putting it in 18th place, I call this a very successful Olympics for Finland. Team Finland walked away with a gold medal in cross-country skiing sprint classic thanks to Sami Jauhojaervi and Iivo Niskanen. The first gold medal Finland has seen in years was warmly welcomed because cross-country skiing is a popular if not necessary in Finland.  The women of Finland also fought well and obtaining 3 silver medals: cross-country skiing sprint classic, Aino-Kaisa Saarinen and Kerttu Niskanen; cross-country relay 4x5km, Anne Kylloenen and Krista Lahteenmaki joined Aino-Kaisa Saarinen and Kerttu Niskanen; and snowboarding ladies’ slopestyle, Enni Rukajarvi. All of these events and medal placements I had to watch online because they weren’t really shown here in the states at a reasonable hour (3-4 am at times).


The Finnish Men’s Ice Hockey team lead by their captain, Teemu Selanne, were prepared and skated well at the games.  Finland beat Russia 3-1, humiliating the host country where the people said the games might as well had been over at that point. With excellent defense by the Finns they were able to stop the Russian offensive machine thus keeping the Russians from seeing a medal in Men’s ice hockey.


Tuukka Rask unfortunately did not play in the game against Sweden, if he did I am sure the game would have ended differently. With that loss Finland was in the bronze medal match against whom ever lost the Canada v. USA match. Personally I was hoping Finland would be able to go against USA and we did. Team Finland was determined to win a medal and make it a successful game for their leader, Teemu Selanne. The game was intense but the Finnish defense was ready and kept attempts at scoring away by shutting out USA 5-0.

OLY-2014-IHOCKEY-USA-FIN-MENI was very happy I could watch this game on a weekend and have full coverage. The match was intense and beautiful at the same time, showing off how the Finns are willing to take a puck for the home country and fight till the end. Teemu Selanne is a legend, from all accounts a wonderful teammate who leads and helps his team, and overall nice guy. I am glad his Olympic career will come to a wonderful end as I am sure he is overjoyed with having the bronze medal around his neck. I wish NBC would have shown more of the actual presentation of the bronze medal to the team instead of doing a commentary about USA and having the ceremony in the background.

All in all Finland did well at the games and I am proud to call myself a Finn.


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