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An Unexpected Long Weekend

And DC Metro area was struck with yet another snow storm. This one dumped a solid 6 inches on Monday meaning everything was closed and I had an extra day to relax and regroup from a very stressful week at work. Someone please tell the CIA to stop messing with their weather control machine… I am getting sick of these one day 60 degree weather and next is snowing…

So this weekend I needed a real mental cool down and reset thanks to work and some personal annoyances that occurred. For starters I enjoyed a wonderful time just sleeping. I know it is lazy but it really does help recharge the batteries. I was really able to sleep for about 8-9 hours straight and wake up with out any alarms or phone calls.

Over this long weekend I did accomplish a few things like cleaning up my room and organizing files both on my computer and hard copy. I also did one of the most important things people forget about, I had a chance to change all my passwords. Like I said many people forget to do this and stick with the same password for years; I rotate mine about every 6 months for normal sites and 3 months for my email and financial accounts. I have my own system in which I choose which passwords for which but pretty much it is easy. I use 3 different passwords, 1 for email and computer,1 for financial accounts, and another for purchasing sites and my online games. I do have a fourth password which I use for sites that require to register an account that are rarely visited and don’t hold really any personal information.

While I took care of some important things such as filing and changing passwords, I got around to relaxing. I had picked up a wonderful set of DVDs of cartoons from my childhood; Batman the Animated Series, Pinky and the Brain, and Sgt. Frog. Now granted Sgt. Frog isn’t really from my childhood, it’s a show I discovered it college, but it is a hysterical show that is well written with as many satirical jokes and references to my childhood as the Simpsons and many other American shows.


I went through plenty of episodes from all three shows during this long weekend but I was not just laying in bed or sitting on the sofa while doing so, I was building Legos. I picked up a few sets just before this break that I wanted to go through and add to my little collection, the new collectors edition of the X-Wing from Star Wars, the Delorian Time Machine from Back to the Future (yes it’s a lego set) and the Simpsons house. As I had mentioned several times on social media sites I just had to have the Simpsons house set because it is such a staple from my childhood and a great set to knock out 15-16 hours on.

First I started with the Delorian because it was a small quick build, only about an hour that could get me into the building mood and have a quick sense of satisfaction. The set gives you the ability to choose which of the three Delorians from the movies you want to build and I chose the first one because you can’t go wrong there. I absolutely love all the tiny little details like the clock that displays the time, the flux capacitor, and the large exhaust vents in the back. It also came with two mini-figures, Doc and Marty which are very well done in my opinion.

Next was the debate on if I should do the X-Wing or the Simpsons house and I chose the Simpsons house because it was the larger of the two sets and would require the most time. At that point I didn’t know if I was going to have Monday off but I was glad I did because this build rolled over into Monday and having some extra time was really necessary with the seven different stages of the build and over 2500 pieces.

For the most part I love the way the model turned out and the exterior looks just like the Simpsons home. I completely under santa it could not be to scale of the actual house so there had to be some compromises. There are plenty of things about the interior I love such as the attention to detail and the design of some of the rooms and furniture but I will talk about those shortly. With any compromise there are things that I can complain about and wish were different. If you are familiar the with floor plan of the Simpsons house, this floor plan is completely different than the one in the show. The tv/sofa room and kitchen were swapped which is a bummer, the steps are in the wrong place of the house, there is no fireplace, dining room, or front living room. Also Maggie’s room is gone and her crib is in Homer’s and Marge’s room. While I understand placement is difficult there are full floor plan layouts of the house online by fans and would have been nice to see that followed a little more closely. And now that my rant is done for complains, on to the parts which I was really happy to see.

Bart’s lucky red cap is right where it should be and was a nice surprise to see while building this set. There are also little stickers that say “Property of Ned Flanders” and “El-Barto” which are a nice touch along with the picture frames of Maggie and Abe Simpson. Even the Krusty the clown poster and the radioactive man comics in Bart’s room were a nice touch. The sofa and beds are well made and I also liked the Itchy and Scratchy show sticker on the TV. I would have liked to see Lisa’s Saxophone somewhere in her room but she has a test with an “A+” grade on it as well as a piano in the downstairs. The Simpsons car is also well done along with the garage stocked with tools and other property of Ned’s. All of the mini-figures it came with are well done however I don’t know how I feel about some of the faces and didn’t care for the skirt parts for the ladies, would have liked to see those painted on like others so the legs can move and not be stuck in one position. All in all I like this set and would recommend it for any Simpsons fan.

One additional thing I learned during this past weekend was that there would be additional mini-figures for the Simpsons released. For this I am very excited and can’t see what they come up with. Personally I would like to see Grandpa Simpson, Milhouse, Krusty, Sideshow Bob, Chief Wiggiam, and Barney but we will wait and see.

Is it the next weekend yet?

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