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Loons For All

Google, known for providing search engine unlocking important and needed information, has taken on the task to provide internet access to information to all. While it is a little difficult to provide power, internet service providers and unabated viewing of the internet itself, Google has a possible solution to this issue and it is looking to the skies. More specifically google is looking to the Stratosphere of our atmosphere to get the internet via wifi to places that don’t have any access. Balloons will be the carrier of the technology of these wifi stations and by using the air-currents much higher than what commercial and most military aircraft and operations.

In my personal opinion this is a grand idea and is one of many needs that do need to be provided to developing areas. You may say well food, housing, school, and medicine are the main priorities; I will agree with you but I would also comment that the internet provides information and information is power. Critics of this idea don’t disagree it is a valuable tool for people however they stress more on the physical good such as food, monetary, and medical support.

For one family who has access to the internet, problems can be solved not just by one doing it for them but for them to help themselves. This family can leave how to build better shelters along with what the weather will be. The weather report is not just something to warn one of disastrous storms but also when rain will come, the best rotation for crops, and when to harvest.

Another aspect of this is the education that it can provide. There are many people that do not know that man has even visited the moon let alone explore other planets. Students can learn more about math, science, and history. While learning is part of the education, the application part also will help students learn and figure out problems in their local community.

While medicine can not be sent through the internet, doctors can now visually communicate with the population and help more people with basic hygiene and medical treatments. This also allows others to study disease and come up with treatments, sever cases in communities can also be identified, and medical needs can be assessed.

One of the largest problems allowing all to have the internet is the ability to access news. News will provide the public with information about national and world news that effects everyone. News also has the ability to educate the voting pubic to make informed decisions which is key in a democracy. Stories of everyday people working hard to survive, ideas would be nourished and supported, and most importantly knowledge is spread. I fully support this program and believe that this is a way to better the man-kind.

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