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And that’s how we met the Mother.

For the past nine years I have looked forward to a show that had a creative way to tell a love story, backwards. How I Met Your Mother may seem like another sitcom but it has a deeper sense of self to it. We followed a young Ted Mosby from his mid to late 20’s to find the woman of his dreams. With all of the ups and downs one thing was certain, he will eventually met her.

From the start we see Ted go on many dates and find many flings while always surrounded by friends. It was always something I had wished I had in my life, friends who I am so close to for a long time. HIMYM was something to look forward to every Monday and with the constant running gags it was never dull. A few of my personal favorite running gags were the ducky tie, slap bet, high-fives, playbook and the interventions.

The end of a series brings a chance of either a great ending or a disappointing one. With out spoilers I personally loved this ending and the twist. While I know many other fans hated it and thought it was a slap in the face, it showed what love can be and no matter how short or long it is, it can be wonderful. It was announced that an alternate more uplifting ending will be on the DVD and I am interested in seeing that one as well.

Overall from start to end How I met Your Mother was an escape to what friendship and the journey to find love could be. It will be a show I watch repeatedly for years to come along with Firefly, Mash and a few others.

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