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My collection.

One of my New Years resolutions for this year was to start collection something. I have been playing World of Warcraft for a long time and put a lot of energy and money into the game for achievements. Along with those achievements are rare and unique mounts and titles that have taken a long time to acquire and/or a lot of money to unlock. The same goes with the Simpsons Tapped Out game. I have spent a lot more money thank I care to admit on these two games but after looking back I would say I have spent over $3000 on just those two games. Yes I know a waste of money and I will agree. The biggest problem with these two collections is that it is all virtual, I can not sell them later in life and if the game no longer supported one day then good bye.

After thinking about it I decided I needed a physical collection that I can hold for value and really show off once I get a place. The issue now was what to collect? I checked out the internet to see what collections there are out there and see if any spark my interest. The problem with sports memorabilia and cards is that I enjoy watching games but don’t ask me for stats or last time a team won a title, I am horrible at that just like I am with names. Sports are a fun and relaxing thing for me and I don’t care to attend every match plus the signed jerseys and cards can get very expensive. I looked at other card games and well it is kind of boring and no fun if you don’t have people to play against and it’s hard to really show off. The best stuff to show off are statues and props, now I do own a purple lightsaber along with a few statues and flags and things but there are so many and again can get very expensive.

While looking at some of the props I do own I looked at my Lego B-Wing and thought there is something to collect, the Lego Minifigures. The Minifigures are small enough to have a large number with out storage being a big issue also there are plenty of rare Minifigures along with popular ones. Another nice thing is that Lego has licensing agreements spanning multiple and popular series such as The ever popular Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Simpsons, Ghostbusters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Marvel and DC Comics, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, and many more. It is all of these different figures that make them a great starting point for me to collect. Even older Minifigures and the new collectors Minifigures produced by Lego are unique and a great addition to a collection such as the Miners, Space, Aliens, City people, Monster Hunters, Adventures, Pirates, Wild West, and many others.

So where did I start? Well I have been playing with Legos for years epically when I was in eel angry and middle school so I have tons of Minifigures to chose from and found a good number is still good quality. A few of them are Star Wars and City Minifigures so I started to look at websites for good catalogs to see what I was missing. I found and I personally think it is the best and easiest to use of any websites. It even helps you track what sets you have and what Minifigures are included so you don’t have to guess. Did you know I the 41 years Lego has been around, there are 6300 different Minifigures that have been released not including the ones you make from different Minifigures. Also this year we are expecting that there will be more Minifigures than there are humans on Earth, over 7 billion.

Now I did consider collection the sets and I somewhat do, cool vehicles and building I do keep and display but I just think the Minifigures give a larger and more unique look. Sets run about $20-$60 and you can get a few Minifigures included which is worth while. For sets that have been discontinued the best places to look are eBay and Amazon. For the most part common complete Minifigures range from $5-10 which helps when you want to really build up a collection quickly. At times you can pick up some lots which give you a bulk price. I have gone for this more often because even if I do get a few similar and the same Minifigures I can just sell them later individually. You also have to realize that with Minifigures the same name can have different versions and looks ie: Batman; there is the Aqua Batman, Arctic Batman, and a few other different ones in different colors. Now it helps that I am a nerd and I know some of these genres already so I know which ones I will want first and which ones can wait.

In just a few months I am now at about 200 Minifigures. That is a lot but really is just the tip of the iceberg. I have a good number of Star Wars ones mainly Jedi and Troopers, all of the Avengers, series 2 and 6, the dwarven company from the Hobbit, some of the DC comics Minifigures includeding many different Batman versions, the Simpsons, and a few others. I also have a large collection of Minifigures from the Lego Movie, even though they are not part of a series they are awesome to have since the movie was a real hit. I am still missing a lot like the Fellowship of the Ring, a lot of the bad guys from Marvel and DC, a lot of the Empire and Sith from Star Wars, and a lot of the actual collectors editions of Minifigures.

I am very happy with this decision however and I have been able to find a few rare ones already. Rare Minifigures can go for $40-$500 and you just have to keep you eyes open. The very rare ones are from ComicCon and the Series 10 Mr. Gold. I have been able to spot a few ones which I deem rare and have been able to get them for a very good price. The ones I am very proud of already are: Infomaniac and Pepper from Lego Island video game, they were only in one set a long time ago; Santa Yoda, from a Lego Advent calender; Jor-El, Superman’s father from a poly-bag; Small Hulk, from another Polybag; and the Chrome Storm Trooper from Star Wars. These in my mind are rare and really make my collection worthwhile.

I am also planning on picking a few additional Minifigures that come out really soon such as Darth Revan, all the other Simpsons characters, Ghostbusters, and Harry Potter series. One thing I have to watch out for are the fakes, so far I like to think I am smart and I have yet to purchase any fakes. One thing you want to do is make sure it says Lego in the description and check with some of the websites to make sure it is a Minifigure that does exisit. One other thing I have noticed is that they use pictures of Legos but are based in China and use other sub-brand names. Anyways I am pretty confident in my purchases and can slowly build up the collection.

One additional thing I am working on is setting up a display and since I have a ton of Legos, I plan on making it out of Legos. I have tons of great plates and blocks I can use. I will probably start making some of the plates for them to stand on but I won’t finally assemble it till I have a place and can really show it off. Otherwise I have all of the Minifigures grouped and bagged by the series and sub groups. I will pick up a few additional rare Minifigures because I want to keep some in the bag for the future otherwise all of the others have been taken out of the bags so I can show it off.

I really like that I have chosen to start collecting Minifigures along with a few vehicles and I hope to keep it going. Enjoy a few of the pictures I have taken and I will post more many in the future.





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