Memorial Day

One thing I have learned thanks to Army JROTC and my current job researching historical military documents is showing respect for those willing to fight in defense of you and your rights as a human. Today is Memorial Day and I spent today doing research instead of going to a BBQ and getting drunk. My grandfather served in World War II in a theater of the war most of you never heard of, the Winter War. In 1940 Russia wanted control of its western coast along the Baltic Sea. Russia turned its aim towards Finland and attempted to invade. Finland only had a population of about 4 million while Russia had a population of over 150 million. My grandfather was one of the soldiers who defended and prevented the Russian invasion. I will continue to research more about the Winter War and I want to find out which unit he was in and any reports from his unit. Since his passing I want to get closer to him and I feel this is the best way to do it and understand his life.

This Memorial Day I wanted to thank all the members of the armed forces, their families and the companies that support them on and off the field of battle. I especially wanted to thank my friends who serve, Ahmed Dorghoud, USMC and Antonio Howard, Army. I owe you both a lot!

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