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The Joys of Writer’s Block

One thing I have faced recently has been the strong wall of writer’s block. It has been a while since I have posted any new story or poem and it isn’t for the lack of trying. Every time I try and write, I draw a blank or don’t know where to go. Because of this I have deleted whole paragraphs because they didn’t flow or fit with what I wanted to speak about. Currently I have three large posts I have been working on, one of which for almost six months.

The most recent post has been about Marvel and how it has caught the attention and love of nerds everywhere. This particular post has many parts of to it from the comic books that Lee and Kirby created to the modern movies. The biggest problem I have been having is the flow because I will be talking about how wonderful the movies are then move in to the connections between the movies. Every time I have written a paragraph it just doesn’t sound right. Sooner or later I will get the right wordage and post the story. One thing I have spent today on is going back and rewriting an outline to try and fix the flow so hopefully that will help.

The next post I have been writing is about Alexandria. I love the City of Alexandria, Virginia and think it is a wonderful and one of the perfect places to grow up in. The big issue I have is the sheer volume of information and rants I want to include. This post currently is over 20 solid paragraphs however it jumps from one thing to another. I have gone back and moved paragraphs around but as soon as I do that I think of something else I want to mention. This one post has taken over six months to write because of time and getting into the mood to write. I could release it now but I wouldn’t be happy that I did it and would think it isn’t my greatest work.

Finally the post that has been bothering me the most is titled future. For this I have only one sentence written, “For many of us the future is still an unknown, as I am getting into my late 20’s I still don’t know what path I want to walk.” Really I could just post that one sentence and have it as a statement but I know I could do more. I have looked into my future and I am not sure what I want to do. I have many paths I can take but I am unsure which one is the one I really want. It is because of my lack of a decision that I don’t want to post it yet and that it will sound like I haven’t thought of my possibilities completely. This writer’s block is also difficult because it is also trying to figure out how much I want to actually publish about my thoughts and personal issues. I know very few people read my posts and that this blog is more for me to vent and talk about anything I like however it is also do I want the world to know.

If you have been reading my posts long enough you would remember the Freedom 95 books I have been writing. Those have also been coming along well. I am around 15 chapters in the first book and wrote two chapters in the sequel. It has been a little hard to want to keep on writing instead of just wrapping it up and saying “The End” but there is a lot more detail that I want to include. The biggest problem is time and the lack there of to just sit and write for hours with out wandering off to another idea or plot. I hope to one day publish these books and I know the science is a bit out there but it is something I do think people would enjoy because it is the what if in history.

My schedule currently has been pretty full with working long hours, going to the gym, and then taking classes. The moment I have free are sometimes the worst moments for me to write because I don’t have a clear mind or just in a foul mood. Since I keep my phone on me at all times it is full of sentences, topics, and random links to information I would like to talk about. One idea I just had is about how humans may loose a large freedom soon and that is the freedom to drive and feel free with the advent and increased wave of driverless cars. I am holding off on writing this post only because I want to try and finish the others first. I guess we will have to wait and see how long it takes for me to complete these posts.


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