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70 Years Ago Today

Since I was little, I have always been interested in WWII. The heroism, power, good vs. evil, and honor that defined WWII made it a very interesting period for me to study and respect. Through out high school any free topic report I had to write was about WWII either about the Winter War, Operation Overlord, or Battle of Midway. Today we look back and show our respect to one of the largest sacrifices and commitments to a cause that the 20th century has ever seen.


Under the commands of General Dwight D. Eisenhower, the allied forces began the one of largest airborne and naval amphibious landings the world had seen. With the might of over 150,000 souls, the allies landed at Normandy in the five different sectors; Utah, Omaha, Sword, Juno, and Gold. Meet with strong fortifications and hazards, the allies took the beach and began to take back France and the rest of Europe from the Nazis. The allies suffered over 10,000 casualties, 4,414 were confirmed dead.


I can not begin to imagine the emotions and fear that the men who landed on those beaches faced. I can’t even comprehend where the strength and will to move forward came from. I know personally I would have probably broken down and been to scared to continue with all of the dead around me and the bullets flying above. We consider men who fought in war to be heroes and men who defy the human will. Truth be told, these men were everyday men doing what needed to be done and willing to sacrifice themselves to keep their families and loved ones safe from evil.


I look back at WWII with wide eyes because it is such an interesting time to have lived and been apart of. As the days and month go by however we continue to loose the men that lived this time first hand. 70 years is a long time and most the men who are still live were in their late teens to 20’s. Before we loose the first hand accounts and witnesses, I want you all to find someone near by who lived through that time and hear their story, make them dinner or take them out to the park or one of the memorials in their honor. Hearing their stories because that is the only way we can truly appreciate the greatest generation that has lived.

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