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World Cup Brazil


It is time for one of the greatest and most loved sporting events by the world, the World Cup. This cup is being held in Brazil this year and in two years the Summer Olympics will also be in Brazil putting a lot of pressure on the people. So far there have already been issues in getting the country ready such as violence, protests, and even a collapse during construction at one of the stadiums. Brazil has still a long way to come but I am sure they will be ready for the first match.

I look forward to the matches and cant wait to watch them on TV and also online. The technology is there that allows more people to watch more of the games than ever before and plenty of bars around DC are already preparing for the games. Work will get in the way of watching some of the games but with being able to watch the games online, I can get with friends later and cheer for the teams I want to make it through. I am going to cheer for the USA during their matches but really I want England or Germany to win.


I have played soccer for over 20 years (God I feel old) till I had a knee injury but I have never lost the love of the game. I miss playing for a team or going to a pick up game in the evening with friends. While Americans may think that Football is the best sport they are only looking inside their own country because the rest of the world loves Soccer or Futbol how ever you refer to it. If you don’t believe me, watch a wonderful documentary called Pelada. Soccer is the one sport anyone can play; rich or poor, young or old, and everyone plays.


Let the games begin!images

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