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Springfieldians rejoice for Marathon


OMG OMG OMG it is almost here; the longest marathon in history (TV history that is!)! In a true Springfieldian manner, the longest marathon is not one of running but of sitting on the sofa and watching TV and drinking a Duff. The Simpsons will air on FXX in chronological order all 25 seasons. That is 552 episodes and the Simpsons Movie will be included in the marathon and also will air chronologically after episode No. 400. The marathon begins at 10 AM ET on August 21 and ends at midnight ET on September 1; 12 glorious days!

As a huge Simpsons fan this will be a wonderful tribute to the longest-running scripted series in TV history. I personally don’t have FXX or even really cable to watch and reminisce but I may order it just for this. Currently only 16 seasons and the 20th season have been released on DVD; season 16 ofcourse aired in 2004 while I was still in high school. This means there are still 8 more seasons (don’t forget season 20 was released without the wonderful commentary, yes I watch it with commentary also and so should you it is hilarious!) of Simpsons that I can not watch when I please.

It has also been mentioned that the entire series will be available online to watch. While it may not be on Netflix just yet this is a great step forward for the show to allow it’s fans to really dive in on their favorite shows anywhere at any time as well as share it with others.

I am one happy Springfieldian right now! Time to stock up on Beer Nachos, Hot Dogs and adult diapers!


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