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SDCC ’14

San Diego Comic – Con 2014 is over and there was so much awesome swag that has been coming up on eBay from it. I wish I could have gone this year but hopefully next year I can head out there and really enjoy myself. SourceFed has done a wonderful job this year showing off all of the awesome collectables and gear. The costumes where also really amazing this year. Halo and Legend of Zelda had some awesome trailers released.

If I had the chance to have gone this year I would have gone to the Firefly panel, Guardians of the Galaxy panel, maybe a Star Wars panel and then just look around at all of the awesome booths. I would have made sure I would have stopped by the Lego booth to pick up a Lego Batman Zur en Arrh  and Marvel’s the Collector but since I couldn’t I am going to have to buy atleast 2 of each from eBay. I might as well pick up a few of the other Comic Con Lego mini-figures from past years while I am at it. The detail is just wonderful on both minifigures and I am so happy and excited that Lego is really giving us a wide spread arrangement of the different costumes of Batman.

lego-batman-zur-en-arrh imagesLEGO-SDCC-Exclusive-The-Collector-5LEGO-SDCC-Exclusive-The-Collector-1-500x333


Comic Con looks to have been a great success this year and here is a break down of all the awesomeness thanks to SourceFed.



Also during the Con a CGI test footage of Deadpool was leaked online and OMG it looks wonderful. Deadpool the master of comedy and breaking that 4th wall is back at it. I would like to see this produced and if Fox does it correctly Deadpool could be the Guardians of the Galaxy for Fox. We will see but atleast it sounds like Ryan Reynolds voice so I hope he is sticking around.


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