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An Epic Galactic Tale

So my Thursday ended up to be a very shitty and stressful day. Work was a real pain and everything kept on failing me from computer issues to forgetting where I put documents for a short while. I had a bad day (Friday didn’t end up any better) and I needed something to take my mind off things, even if it was just for a few hours. As the huge nerd that I am, I was looking forward to seeing the newest addition to the Marvel movie universe. Guardians of the Galaxy came out on the day I needed a perk the most.

I made sure I went to the first showing possible, 7pm and boy was the theater packed. I got to the theater early because I had a feeling the line was going to be long and I got there just before the main pack arrived. Since I am a Stubz Card Member through AMC Theaters, I got a collectors badge and awesome poster. By the way if you have an AMC theater near you, you should really consider picking up a Stubz card. It is one of those few membership cards I would get, it pays for itself quickly, I have already gotten over 4 free movies this year and with the discounted price for food and little perks for new releases, it is awesome. I will say wait till Christmas time because they usually have it discounted yearly membership.

Anyways back to the movie and ofcourse if you have been to the movies with me I love sitting in the back at the row with the crossbar so I can put my legs up and dead center to the screen. I must say this movie was just epic and wonderful. This is one of those instant classics and proof Marvel knows what it’s doing. When we talk about being a classic with me it has to be visually stunning and unique along with strong characters and a story that holds up. If you take away all the CGI, the score, the action scenes, and everything else there should be a well defined message. The message in this story is dealing with grief, every character is struggling with grief in their own way and how relying on each other can over come that. With that being said the action sequences and movie score was spot on. The music matched very well and I am sure a lot of the budget went to getting the rights for the music.

Since this movie still is within the Marvel realm, it has ties to all of the other Marvel movies. It is nice to see a movie of normal people and not ones with super powers but that are able to take on problems that only super heroes face.


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