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My little brother, Harri, is getting married… Last night he proposed to a wonderful woman, Sarah, (she did say yes!) and I couldn’t be any happier for the two of them. He did it in front of her family on the OBX which is very simple but perfect in my opinion. My brother deserves the best and someone that really loves him even through disagreements and troubles. She is a good person and has a good family behind her, my brother chosen well and I will be proud to call her sister (-in-law). I am glad she keeps in contact with myself and my parents and includes us in plans. I personally consider that an important trait and it has helped me become closer with my brother. My family absolutely loves her and we think it is a great match and one that will last a very long time.

I am not only excited because he is moving forward and has found love but also that I am gaining more members to my family. Her sisters and little brother are awesome and I always enjoy myself when I spend time with them. I don’t expect to be extremely close to them or that we will spend tons and tons of time together but it will be nice that they are going to be apart of my family and I can call them brother and sisters (-in-law, which Ill probably never add haha). Having a good family behind one can really help the relationship and the values created as well as providing the support when times get tough. Even though I am not getting married or anything I am really looking forward to witnessing the future for my brother.


Now I am very excited that there is a wedding I get to attend but even more my brother has already asked me to b his best man. I am very honored and really look forward to the time I get to spend with my brother as well as helping with the wedding. The best man has many duties and if JROTC has prepared me for anything: scheduling, to getting stuff organized, to getting the tuxedos for the grooms men, to doing paperwork, and to writing a speech/toast: it will be for this wedding. My biggest fear is the toast and honestly I have already been looking at stuff and gathering thoughts together for it.


Even though no date has been set yet, I am very excited and look forward to all of the fun and hardwork coming ahead. Congratulations again Harri and Sarah.


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