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Death is inevitable but it is always hard when it happens to someone good. On August 11th 2014, Robin Williams committed suicide. Robin was a good man, simple as that but he had his troubles, he had suffered from addictions and the early stages of Parkinson’s. If anyone used their fame to help others it was Robin and he did it in such a manner that not everyone knew.

It has taken me a while to discuss his passing because he was a strong influence during my childhood. He played memorable characters and was always able to make me laugh. Since his passing I have watched many of his movies: Flubber, Jumanji, Aladin, Robots, AI, Mrs. Doubtfire, Goodwill Hunting, Birdcage, and of course Dead Poets Society. On top of watching his movies I have also scanned YouTube for moments of hilarity to cheer me up. I watch his late night interviews, his interviews with news programs, and inside the actors studio which is none stop hilarious with serious and heartfelt moments.

He was one of a kind, he had incredible timing, the ability to change his speeds on a dime and then he could throw in many different cultural references. He is and always will be a comical master and will be remembered as one. He will however be remembered for much more, he was a kind and gentle man who did many good deeds many of which were not known until recently as people came out with their stories. He also was very strong supporter of the troops and would preform countless USO shows for troops over seas.

Even with his drug and alcohol problems through the years, he was still one that I can consider a strong role model. He had his problems but he fought them by admitting and going through the treatments necessary. He was very supportive and caring for his children. It is these traits that I consider to be in a good man.

Unfortunately Robin committed suicide which is the final act. He was depressed and getting sick which is so heartbreaking. I personally know how low one can get and having to deal with depression. Even though it is a battle I face myself I know I am not going to loose.

There have been many tributes to Robin. I have been watching and reading many of them. There have been a mix of video montages of his greatest stand up moments, his performances, and best scenes from his films. Robin was also an avid World of Warcraft player and gamer (his daughter Zelda is named after Zelda from Legend of Zelda. Blizzard has said there will be an in game tribute to him in the form of a character that transforms from himself to the genie and then to Mrs Doubtfire, fitting tribute if you ask me.

All I really have to say is that I am mourning a great actor, comedian, and man; he will be missed but always remembered.


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