For those of you that know me, I enjoy the theater and live acts. Any time I am in New York I want to attend atleast one Broadway show. Since New York is a good hike from DC I have to suffice with the shows in town. One of my favorite groups that visits the nations capital regularly is Cirque Du Soliel. I make it a habit to attend their shows when possible and take people with me to enjoy them as well.

Their new production Amaluna recently arrived in town and I knew it was going to be great. I purchased tickets for my mom and dad to see it together and then for my brother and his fiancé to attend and have a nice weekend. From what they said they really enjoyed the show which I am glad to hear and means money well spent. I also went to the show on a Sunday and I was going to have someone special join me but events prevented her from attending. I still did sit and watch the great show.

First off, Amaluna is a bout a young girl who is apart of an amazon woman type of civilization on a remote island. The young girl is going through the ceremony to become and woman and falls in love with a young man who was shipwrecked. Sounds almost like a Disney princess movie doesn’t it? Well I wont tell you to much but the story evolves and jealously ensues which I thought to be a creative twist especially by whom the jealous party is.


Well one thing you notice quickly is the lack of men in the production. The rock band is an all woman group and the clowns were women dressed as men. There were only a several men preforming. The rest of the cast is all woman and helps create the story of a secluded amazon woman society. Even though most of the acts were woman, they weren’t any less to the standards I had in mind and in fact several of the acts were perfect having the strong female cast. One of my favorite acts was the woman who plays the young girl and her gymnastics presentation mixed with a water fish bowl type of stage. The performances were really well done and helped create a story which is one thing I always enjoy about Cirque shows. I swear the balancing bone act was one I saw on Britain’s Got Talent or something like that. It is nice to see that they added that act to one of their shows.



A good story does not only need a good script but also a great visual and acoustic performance to make one feel involved. The music was fast passed and matched the energy of the on stage acts. Not only did it sound wonderful but it did help transport you to a world where strong women are in charge not by soft tones or melodies but with a alt-rock style sound. The costumes and stage scenes were very creative and felt like a part of the story. Instead of just seeing a big pole, they made it feel like you were in a vine filled forest or instead of a balancing beam, they put it on the side of a water tank to make it seem like she was playing on rocks by the water. Each act took you around the secluded island and brought a feel of playing in nature to the show.


Like Totem, I highly recommend seeing Amaluna. It is worth the money and the time to see and experience. Unlike a movie, a live show feels more amazing and can bring a sense of wonder to most of your senses (yes, in this case touch with the water splashes and popcorn thrown by that pesky lizard). National Harbor is also getting a standing Cirque show at the new MGM so I will be excited to see what that show is like. Be sure to read about Totem and anytime you are someplace with a Cirque show be sure to check it out, especially in Las Vegas.


Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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