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The Awesome Pixar Theory

The other night I was kind of bored and wanted a good movie to watch. After looking through all of dvds (if you have seen my collection you know I have a decent choice) and I chose a movie that doesn’t get old and is very very good, Incredibles. Pixar has made many movies and sequels and I am still trying to figure out why the Incredibles has yet to see a sequel. So while I was watching it I did altitude research on IMDb and then online. I randomly stumbled on something interesting, an article talking about fan theories to Pixar movies the main one called the Pixar theory by Jon Negroni.

Pixar is already a series of movies that are for children but are written for adults. I know many adults who enjoy watching Pixar movies because of the stories they tell. The stories range all over and have very deep and important messages. It’s insane how all of these stories are tied together however and honestly blew my mind.

So this theory is very interesting, well thought out, and very unique. The theory says that every movie and character are in the same universe and timeline. The thought is that there are Humans, AI, and Animals that end up interacting with each other. There is also magic, time travel, evil corporation and even energy wars that helps bring everything together.. It is pretty crazy how the theory works out and how believable it is. Not only that but there is a infinite link between all the movies and one character is the reason behind all of it. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, you should really watch the video and check out the website first. Also check out the FAQ video because it helps clear up some questions but also helps make the theory more logical and possible.

I am very curious about how Pixar thinks about this theory. I would love to see how future movies fall into this theory. The theory doesn’t include the recent planes movies but I’m pretty sure they fall in right around the cars timeline. I would love to see if any of the Pixar shorts can fall in the timeline as well. There is so much thought behind this theory that it makes for an interesting read so please check it out and let me know what your thoughts are.





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