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The Lore of the Shadow Priest Trigne

As Blizcon 2014 takes place I honor the game with a short three part story I wrote. It follows the World of Warcraft character I have, Trigne who I have been playing for many years now. It also has a few excerpts from events that happened to me in game. I hope you enjoy and I might write more later with the new expansion pack coming.

Part 1


As the snowy winds howl, a shadowy purple figure floats his way through the storm. The winds are strong and the snow is dense but that does not stop this character from making his way through with ease. He slowly makes his way up the 150 steps of the Titan home, his pace is steady and the glean from his eyes are determined and pained. At the threshold, he pulls back his hood to truly marvel in the awe of the Titan’s city.
As Trigne peers through the storm and looks over the city, forges burn and countless number of enemies stand before him. Trigne has made his way to Ulduar, one of the three ancient Titan cities on Azeroth. He has made his way here to find the secrets within and searching for the lore of changing the past.

His father Thrines was Grand Master Miner of the Explorers League and a Bronzebeard. He was charged with excavating Gnomeregan before the Mekgineer Thermaplug betrayed the Gnomes and Dwarves. Thrines was ashamed he did not do more to protect his men. He retreated to the mountains where he met Agus, a herbalist and healer for Anvilmar.

Trigne was born in the mountains south of Anvilmar where one could see the face of  the great Dwarven city, Ironforge in the distance. As a child Trigne enjoyed wandering off the roads to explore the snowy hills that surround Ironforge. As the son of Thrines, Trigne followed in his fathers famous footsteps becoming a miner and explorer.

While exploring a cave as a child, Trigne was ambushed by two bruiting frost trolls, they blocked the entrance and forced him deeper into the cave. As he backed into a dark corner of the cave, a slight glimmering light came from the ice behind him. With desperation he swung his pick-hammer into the ice. It would not pierce the dense blue ice and as the frost trolls neared he hunkered down.

One of the trolls picked Trigne up and slammed him against the ice ever so slightly cracking it. Trigne new this was his moment and swung his pick-hammer into the ice as it lodged itself in. The trolls were puzzled by this and one of them grabbed the pick attempting to free it. Just as it popped free, a surge of holy light shot out and struck the two frost trolls. Trigne was bathed in the beam of light and never felt better, grabbing his pick-hammer he turned to the frost trolls who had regained their stance and leaped towards Trigne. Trigne at the ready held his pick-hammer ready to swing but another surge of light shot out from the ice defeating both trolls.

Trigne stunned and confused by what happened looked back towards the now visible relic. Trigne reached in and was instantly surrounded and flooded with light and spirit flowing through him. He knew he had picked up something marvelous. Trigne ran home back to this father to show him the relic he had found and hoping that his questions could be answered. As Trigne ran inside his home he was greeted by his father sitting at a table with some distant cousins of his.

Trigne placed the small but heavy relic on the table in front of his father as they all were speaking and drinking but as soon as his father pulled off the cloth it was wrapped in everyone slammed their steins down and began to whisper. One of the older Dwarves at the end of the table spoke asking where did he find it. As Trigne began to tell his story, the relic was passed down the table as each dwarf held it, a small shimmering light wrapped around their hands. Finally just as the story was coming to an end, the relic was passed to a dwarf who stood up and proclaimed, “DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE FOUND LADD’Y?” Shaking his head and turning it over and over with detailed inspection, he said, “you have found one of the relics of the titans, our creators, this is a healing rune.”

As he said this all the dwarves in the room stood up gazing upon the relic in the hands of one of their own. Thrines says “son I want you to meet a distant cousin of ours, Brann Bronzebeard. Brann slowly walks over to Trigne and hands him back the relic, “it seems like the Titans have chosen you to have their powers of healing” turning towards Thrines.“Thrines, this is a sign you must take the position in Thelsamar and look over the dam. Your son will be close to the ruins in the badlands and he can learn from them.” With that and a pat on Trigne’s shoulder, Brann and the other dwarves leave into the cold snowy night.


Part 2

Trigne walks down the steps and faces the large army of iron dwarves. Hundreds of them rush towards Trigne. Trigne softly whispers and a shield of light rises and surrounds him as he continues to push forward. Lighting bolts target Trigne as their cold blue eyed iron casters take aim towards him. With out flinching Trigne continues as the bolts crash and burst against his holy shield. As Trigne becomes fully surrounded he stops, stands there, looks up towards one of the iron dwarves, softly again he speaks “The wave of death is upon you.” A beam of shadowy purple energy flows from his core and along his right arm towards the iron dwarf. A sudden and large wave of shadow energy crashes and destroying the iron dwarves around him.

A path of dead dwarves lays in front of Trigne, he bows his head and moves forward again. The other iron dwarves continue to engage and trail Trigne but their attacks are useless. All of a sudden the shield of light disperses and a bolt makes its way through, and as soon as the shield came down Trigne began yelling “LET THE SHADOW OF DEATH CONSUME YOU!” One after another iron dwarves fall as a shadowy aspiration engulfs the dwarves and forces its way into their body.

Off in the distance a titan like iron golem shakes the ground as it runs towards Trigne. As it gets closer Trigne collects himself and ignores the iron dwarves around him. It is time to clear the field he thinks. In a calm stance he stands there head bowed and covered. Mumbling spells and preparing for the brute attack. “From the darkness I summon you. I am here to destroy your thoughts. The last word you will hear is Death.”

As Trigne and his family settled into their new home in Thelsamar in Loch Modan. Thrines tours his new task, taking charge of the maintenance of the Stonewrought Dam. Agus sets up a healing ward with a local priest at the Dam for those injured. Trigne learns more about his healing powers and learns from the human priest. Trigne now feels comfortable to heal in the field and begins going out with rescue parties to search for lost guards.

Brann Bronzebeard had suggested that Trigne explore the ruins of Uldaman near their home. Trigne finds a banner at an inn looking for people to go into the deepest parts of Uldaman searching for artifacts. Excited Trigne asks the innkeeper who was it that is looking for mates for an adventure. She points to a table, seated are 3 very tall men none of the likes he has ever seen. He cautiously approaches the blued skin man, he remembers hearing stories of the elves who live on the other side of the great sea. He boldly introduces himself and is looked down upon. Two of them were elves with bluish skin, the third man was taller than them. One of the elves waves a dagger in front of Trigne’s face “why should we let a mere young-ling accompany us? You will only prevent us from being successful.” The other elf turns his back towards him, stretching his bow string and looking as his white tiger laying in the corner. “My tiger might just accidentally attack you.” Nervously but determined Trigne speaks up “I want to know the history of the Titans.” Unimpressed the elves continue to ignore him. “Brann Bronzebeard insisted I go explore Uld I need to know more about this.” Trigne pulls the titan relic he found many months ago out.

The elves look upon the relic in his hand, unimpressed still but now curious. The tall blue skinned man sitting in the corner speaks up “Where did you get that boy?” Trigne tells the story of his fight with the frost trolls as the man is captivated by every word. “He is coming with us, he has the heart.” The tall man stands up grasping a large mallet with a purple crystal imbedded in the front. “I am Ari, a paladin from Draenor. The hunter is Obliti and the rogue is called Tabe. I think we are ready to go exploring Uldaman.”

As they reach the entrance they being to fight their way through. All more experienced fighters than Trigne, he stands back in awe. With a single shot Obliti takes out a large troll and then another. Ari is surrounded by scorpions, all trying to bite and feast on him but his heavy armor prevents their fangs and stingers from getting through. Every swing of Ari’s large mallet is a killing blow, dwindling their numbers quickly. Tabe is nowhere to be seen until a dagger flies close to Trigne’s head. As it passes him he sees Tabe in the shadows next to a tipped over statue of a titan shaking his head. Behind Trigne now lies the corpse of a dead scorpion, stunned that he almost became dinner Trigne freezes in fear, scared to press forward.

As Ari and Tabe encroach on the last remaining scorpion in a corner of the room, Obliti runs down the hall. Just as soon as Obliti had left down the hall, a roar and then cry from his tiger as Obliti sprints back into the room. More creatures where following him and just as Ari turned to face the oncoming threat, the scorpion sinks his stinger in his neck. Ari falls and Tabe kills the scorpion attached to Ari’s neck and runs towards Obliti. Trigne now standing scared cant believe what just happened and watches as the large stone golem approach. It instantly grabs Tabe as he charges in and Obliti’s arrows have no affect. Trigne bows his head in desperation and pulls out his relic, he holds it close and whispers “Save them all!” A large circle of light flows out from Trigne and rejuvenating Ari and Tabe. Tabe breaks free as Ari rushes to the stone golem and hammers away at its legs. Determined Trigne runs towards the stone face and screams “May the light have mercy on your soul monster!” A spectacular bolt of light crashes from above disintegrating the stone golem.

Ari, Obliti, and Tabe are all exhausted and laying on the remains of the stone golem. Obliti says thanks and Tabe just gives a nod of appreciation. Ari gets up and presses the group to move forward, they have artifacts to find.


Part 3


The large iron golem lays in pieces on the ground, a fiend from the shadows walks across it and then runs back towards Trigne. Trigne pets the little sha fiend on the head and the fiend melts into the ground. Trigne looks up and presses forward. With little trouble he continues forward looking for the room where he can speak to the Astral Walker, the one that controls time and the universe. He comes across Brann in one of the chambers, “how goes the search for the Titan archives?” Brann shakes his head and give a look of despair, “this is not what the information stored here was meant for.”  As Trigne approaches the tablets “you told me once that the Titans gave me a gift and therefore I must be worthy to decide who I can save and the means to do so. I must call on the Astral Walker so I can turn back time and fix what Deathwing has done to my family and brethren. You of all people respect knowledge and know that the knowledge here can save all those who were lost.”

After tagging along with Ari, Obliti, and Tabe for a while, Trigne had made a name for himself. Trigne was well known across the Alliance and its allies, not only for his actions and feats of strength but also for his knowledge and being a Loremaster. Trigne was a hero of the Zandalar tribes and defeated Oxyia before her rebirth. One of his greatest achievements was recapturing and defeating the Mekgineer Thermaplug in Gnomeregan and exploring the depths of Ulduar. After accomplishing this he began to make his way back to the Stonewrought Dam in Loch Modan, a terrible quake shook the entire continent. Trigne climbed on his mammoth and made haste towards his home.

It was to late however, Deathwing had struck the dam, completely destroying it and setting the countryside ablaze. Trigne had to wait days before he could climb on his dragonhawk and look for his parents. He finally found their bodies in the rubble of the dam. As he stood over them he felt a dark and shadowy presence. He turned around to see a shadow flying on a dragonhawk just like his, “if you want revenge, call upon the shadows to bring the pain” and instantly faded away. Trigne looked down and in a rage yelled “I am of the darkness now, I am prepared!”

As Trigne thinks about his past and how he got here, the Astral Walker appears in a dark voided room. Standing there he demands the knowledge of time. The Astral Walker says “find the sands of time because only they will help you, ask me again and I will destroy you.” Trigne is about to ask again but Brann runs in and covers his mouth. The Astral Walker disappears and Trigne shoves Brann off him “I need to fix this I need them back.” Trigne yells for the Astral Walker to reappear and pushes Brann off him. A deafing roar “LEAVE NOW MORTAL” followed by multiple black bolts strike near them. Trigne and Brann run out of the room and the large titan doors lock behind them. “I dont think we will be going back in there any time soon,” Brann stands up and begins stretching, “maybe its for the best.” “Now what Brann, where does my path lead now?” Trigne asked in despair and disappointment.

Brann tells Trigne of a story of an island full of peace and quite. He encourages Trigne to study in the ways of the Archeologist and to work on the farm. “Think about your son Trigne, he has been worried about you. He sits in Ironforge selling goods instead of following his dream.” Trigne shakes his head, “Juho is not ready for this fight, he is just a boy and wants to be a paladin just like Ari was.” “So train him and let him help you, the time to go back and change the world will come but not yet. Be patient young loremaster” Brann says and he escorts Trigne out, “the Titans will show their face soon enough.”


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