My Teddy Bear TJ

So I randomly came across a wonderful video today portraying teddy bears fighting for their child. I absolutely loved this short animation and instantly looked over at my Teddy Bear TJ.  Although I do not sleep with him, he still keeps watch in my room and watches over me.

If I remember the story correctly, I got him a short while after I was born by a family friend and neighbor. For the longest time I could not sleep or travel with out him. I remember one of the first trips were I left him behind. I was 10 years old and we were in Kansas or Nebraska. I had horrible nightmares the entire trip and could barely sleep. It is still pretty fresh in my head and I remember having to grab a pillow and sleep with it on the floor in between the two beds in the hotel room. I have only slept with him on a few occasions since then but I do like to keep him around.

Anyways enough of my emotional issues; I loved this video probably for the same reasons that I love the movie Toy Story. It’s the things we loved and cared about growing up that protected us from the scary things we didn’t understand. I don’t know why we love our inanimate possessions or even care for them the way we do but I am not one to be ashamed now that it’s these things that help keep us grounded and protect us when we need to retreat and be alone.

Here is the link for the amazing short video and I hope you enjoy it. Kudos to those who created this wonderful insight.


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