Addiction: compulsive need for and use of a habit-forming substance (as heroin, nicotine, or alcohol) characterized by tolerance and by well-defined physiological symptoms upon withdrawal; broadly :  persistent compulsive use of a substance known by the user to be harmful

My Addiction: World of Warcraft & Simpsons Tapped Out

The seven month hiatus is over and I am back at it playing World of Warcraft daily for about two to three hours. Now two to three hours is not as bad as when I was really playing logging about six to nine hours through out the day. There is so much new content and with the upcoming expansion pack I wanted to make sure I am ready. It is crazy though because I was offline for about seven months but as soon as I started back up it was like I never left. My guild and guildies were still around playing and I was able to jump right back into the action.

 So far in game I have accomplished quite a bit but besides gaining more achievements, reputation and mounts, it has been nice playing with a few people that help keep the game interesting. One big part about games like these is that a lot of the content requires you to be very social and work with others in your group. The dungeons and raids are the most common group activities that are major parts of the game but there are others such as downing a rare monster or defending your guildies against the other faction. Since my main character is a shadow priest I deal more in damage but can heal in a tight spot and help control incredibly difficult encounters.
 One of my favorite parts so far about returning is that one of my favorite people to run around in game with also returned at the same time. We went in to an area of the game that is full of elites (Non Playable Characters that are a lot stronger and harder to kill than normal NPCs) and we just owned the area. He of-course plays as a hunter and I still play as my only character Trigne the shadow priest. My friend can sometimes be a huntard as I like to call him because he is always standing in fire thinking that fire somehow buffs you.

 The fights we got into involved multiple enemies ranging from four to eight elites, normally one or two is a hand full alone, but some how we managed and cleared these strong areas. It is crazy long fights where you are just on the cusps of dying that really shows how good at the game you are. I was running around crowd controlling and healing while in shadow-form while the hunter was just unleashing all of his pets at the enemy. The longest and most intense of these fights involved six elites at once and just as we were killing the last two, two more on a patrol path engaged us and we had to keep going. Unfortunately fun and exciting fights like these are not apart of achievements or really get cataloged but it is some of the most fun in game I have had.
 With the expansion pack coming I am trying to save as much in-game gold as possible so that I can start buying and getting stuff pretty quickly. Having a decent amount of gold on hand is crucial so that you can start to unlock and pick up rare items instantly. Unfortunately the alternative to having a good amount saved means that you have to grind older areas to get the gold which is time consuming and sets you back from the front of the pack. Most of the other expansions I have started with about 30,000 to 50,000 in-game gold buy my goal is to start Legion with about 200,000 gold. This will hopefully be enough to get me geared quickly and buy a few new mounts.WoWScrnShot_082815_182221

There is quite a bit in the new expansion I am looking forward to such as the class specific missions and orders, to artifact weapons, and the fact we are finally going to the Broken Isles. I have always been intrigued by the lore and power of priests. They were originally the main healers in game having two healing specifications. I also love that now you can do damage and heal at the same time as both a shadow priest and as a discipline priest. My other specification is a holy priest because of the shear healing power and ability to keep people alive during critical moments. With the class orders and missions I am hoping for more interesting lore and challenges for priests to come. The fact I also get an artifact weapon is going to be interesting because in the past you always discarded gear regularly when you get something better. The artifact weapon will allow me to build and maintain the same weapon for a lot longer and letting me customize it how I want. The only thing I am concerned about is that I hope the holy and shadow priest artifact weapons are staffs and not daggers or maces.  I never cared for the look of the mace and dagger and there is something about having a staff and looking like a real wizard.

Anyways on top of being addicted to World of Warcraft, I am still playing Simpsons Tapped Out on my phone regularly. A while back I nuked my Springfield so that I can redesign it and I am glad I did. I reallocated allow of space and broke the city up into small zones. The game has also constantly added new building and characters during events which has really helped it from becoming to old. The dialog alone is reminiscent of classic Simpsons episodes and just reading each quest is fun.

I am very happy that now the Stonecutters, Matt Groening, Frank Grimes, Sideshow Bob, and the monorail are      in the game and really made it seem more and more like Springfield. I am still trying to finish building my monorail but it does take time to build each track piece. As for my Stonecutters area, it is pretty epic with the Stone of Shame, the Sacred Parchment, and even a table where the characters will sing the “We Do” song. I am looking forward to even more additions in game but really would like to see more stories and quests involving other important characters instead of just the Simpsons. I am also waiting on Maggie Simpson to join in game and start the toddler revolution.IMG_3432IMG_3431IMG_3433


One thought on “The Addiction Continues

  1. World of War Craft addiction? I understand 100% 6 years ago I had the same problem, I was playing WoW 24/7, my junior year was consumed by it. When my laptop broke I felt like I was having withdrawals. I want to get the game again but am deathly afraid on the impact it may have.The game sucks me in and I feel like I need to play constantly. I keep scrolling through this post, looking through your pictures and wanting to go run and buy the game.

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