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Food is the only medium in art that utilizes 4 of the five senses, taste, touch, sight, and smell. The best chefs know and play with all of these senses to give the customer a really wonderful experience. The food and restaurants don’t have to be very expensive or well known to be wonderful and bring up wonderful memories. With that being said my best friend, Naeroby Nunez, is a true artist and a wonderful chef. Naeroby is currently a sous chef at 1789, a classic American restaurant in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, DC.

My younger brother, his new wife, and myself had the honor of being her guests last Friday night and it was a real treat. The food was just absolutely delicious which was no surprise. I have had the honor of dining at the Italian restaurant she worked at years ago and she really knows her trade. She has also “forced” me to accompany her to several other restaurants around the area.

I was somewhat a picky eater for a while, sticking to foods and tastes I was familiar and comfortable with. I never cared for seafood and when it came to something spicy and hot, I always would require a pitcher of water close by. Most of that has changed since her and I started going to restaurants that had more than chicken parmesan on the menu.  I always look forward to the invitation from her to go out a try one of her fellow chef’s restaurants. Those people in the food and hospitality industry know the hours are long and awkward and her hours are the same.

Since I rarely get to spend time with her and catch up, our outings to restaurants are something I personally cherish. We have eaten and been merry at several restaurants in DC: Jaleo, Toki Underground, BLT Steak DC. A few times we have traveled out of town for a bite and those have always been wonderful road trips; Philly cheese-steaks in Philadelphia and even a trip to New York City to check out her friends restaurant, try some New York style pizza, and the best dumplings in china town. Other times when I just swing by her place for the holidays or just to watch “How I Met Your Mother” or “Game of Thrones”, she always cooks something delicious. Her chicken wings and omelets are to die for.

Even with all those wonderful memories, more are still to be had and I will truly cherish the meal I had at 1789 with my brother and his wife. First off the pretzel bread they served was so good we had to prevent ourselves from filling up just on that before anything else arrived. We had these wonderful watermelon with salt and jalapenos. There was so much wonderful food I cant even remember the names of everything but I really did love the heirloom tomato salad dish and who knew chilled corn soup would taste so good. I ordered this pork belly and scallops which was astonishing. I can’t say I ever had a scallop before but it tasted so delectable. We also got this squid and octopus dish that was very unique but I actually found it very appetizing. Finally I had this pork roast which I must say was cooked perfectly, the pork was nice and juicy even with the fat around it having that wonderful little crunch which then just melts in your mouth.

With all the food that was brought to our table we were to full to even attempt desert which I am sure I would have enjoyed. There just was no more room left in me and the itis was starting to kick in. I will be sure to go back to her restaurant again hopefully on a date so I can impress her! (HAHA) The truth of the matter is that my best friend is a wonderful chef who has great talent and I am honored to be able to tag along for some of the great meals she prepares and enjoys. If you don’t have a friend who is in the food and hospitality industry then I suggest you get one because you are missing out. Be sure to tip your waiter/waitress well!


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