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T-Minus 100 Days And Counting!

With 100 days till Christmas, I feel it is the perfect time to publish my Christmas and birthday wishlist for this year. Since my birthday is on the 27th of December, my wishlists are combined. Now Christmas is my favorite holiday; the spirit, the decorations, the good will to others, all of it makes it such a wonder time of the year. I will say I did wish my birthday was in the middle of the year like many others because they get to have birthday gifts in the middle of the year and Christmas gifts at the end of the year… Lucky Bastards!

Anyways here is my list.. feel free to check it out!

Now alot of you may wonder why so many Legos on his wishlist? Isnt he 29… well yea but I do collect the Lego minifigures and I have about 1800 out of close to 7000 different minifigures. The ones on the list are some of the cheaper ones I have not obtained yet (If you are interested in buying me the more expensive $2,000 minifigures then by all means let me know!) Also Legos are just awesome and building some of the cooler sets when I am stressed is pretty relaxing.

I also have the most recent 27 inch iMac on there because my current 24 inch iMac is eight years old. I could go for a Windows PC but with Windows 10 and most of my documents in Mac format its just less of a headache plus Macs are more friendly and easier to use. I want to get it while my iMac is still working to be able to transfer alot of my documents and settings over. I do have everything important like my photos and documents backed up and several different drives in case one fails or something drastic occurs. It is just much easier to connect the two iMacs together and let it sync.

I do have several movies and tv shows also on my list because lets face it they are awesome and will be nice to add to my physical library. There is something just more impressive about having bookcases full of books movies and shows. While having them all digital is convent and saves space, ownership always come into question when you loose the file or computer.

Last but not least I do have a few other small items on the list such as some World of Warcraft, Firefly, Star Wars and Simpsons items. I am a nerd obviously and these are just some cool things I would like to have around the workshop. I mean really, who wouldn’t want BB-8 rolling around the shop floor???

While the great Amazon has pretty much everything anyone could want it does lack some things. These are some tools and equipment for my truck Miranda. Alot of these tools and things are for me to use when I start up my company but I would like to start setting her up now. These items are something I do plan on purchasing eventually but need to save up enough money first.

Anyways that is my Christmas/Birthday wishlist. I cant wait for the best time of the year to be here and for me to be able to enjoy myself. Thank you in advance to anyone who does end up buying me anything off the list.


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