Every person needs a space to themselves, a place that they can relax in, study, work on projects, and store and display things that represent them. This space has been apart of our homes for long time and takes on different names depending on the person for which it is created. Since I don’t have my own home yet I drastically needed a space to set up and store all my stuff. After looking at several different and unique storage ideas such as people creating a unique space within a truck, bus, and shipping containers I decided on a storage unit. I have now had my storage unit for about a year now and it is my workshop.

A persons personal space can go by many names: the study, the man cave, the reading nook, the library, the garage, the workshop, the shed, the basement… I am sure there are several other names I am forgetting but you get the point. The study or library was the most popular for generations, a place where one housed all there books and material in a room which was comfortable yet functional. This would be the room in which business at home could be conducted along with the place where one could retire to after a long day to read a book. The need to store many volumes of books has also dwindled thanks to the internet holding such vasts amounts of information at our fingertips. The need for a personal space has not disappeared though.


Each person designs their room to match who there are as a person. For myself I set up my personal space to be that of a workshop. One where I can retreat to after a long day and build something or put on a movie while I write down ideas for this blog. Since my unit has power and I can access it till pretty late at night, it is a place I go to probably two or three times a week. In my opinion this space gives you a good glimpse into the type of person I am. Below are several pictures that hopefully will give you an idea of what the shop is like and what is there.


So as you can see I have quite a bit hanging off the metal walls with magnets. I have a few cool signs I have picked up over the years along with some other nic-naks. Ofcourse I have the Finnish Flag hanging up and the other flag is the flag of the Browncoats from Firefly. If you don’t know what that is then go watch it.

I have a few tool cabinets that house a range of hand and power tools. Most of my power tools are Ryobi tools from Home Depot. They are pro-consumer quality tools at a very reasonable price. Having these tools has helped me tackle a decent number of projects and tasks. Ofcourse I have to have a case of beer in case I get thirsty from all the hard work.

A quick look at the workbench. It is a nice set design and while most everything else I have is a Husky product from Home Depot, the workbench is Kobalt from Lowes. Home Depot didn’t have anything I really liked or anywhere near the price range. The shelves hold plenty of different Lego boxes of both models I have build or are waiting to build. I dont buy every single model that Lego offers, only ones I think look pretty cool.

A closer look at the work bench as I currently have it. The drawers hold a few hand tools that I use very often along with paper, pens, clips and other office supplies. This workbench also has a light and power strip built in which is pretty cool and since I have power in my unit I and charge up my batteries and laptop. I picked up a windows laptop for pretty cheap and use it a back up location for files and so that I can watch movies and shows while I am there. As you can see I am currently working on the Lego Simpsons Kwik-E-Mart set. It is a pretty large set and it is nice to have the space to build it over time when I need to relax.

Some more of the awesome super hero metal signs I have acquired along with another tool chest. As you can see I have my lightsaber sitting there as well.

Here is a look at the bookcases I picked up and set up. I only built three of the four cases I got and will save the last one for later when I get my own place and need some more space. The bookcases holds plenty of movies and books along with some small items. I think I have about 400+ DVDs, Ill update the list on here later. Along the top I have the Milano from Guardians of the Galaxy, Bart Simpson doll, Lego Simpsons house, Lego truck, one of my JROTC trophies, the Lego B-Wing collectors set, and Mario Club statue. 

A better look at some of the shelves. All the movies are in alphabetical order for the most part. The only exception to this are movie series that have completely different names, I wanted to have them next to each other and in order. I have my Lego R2-D2 collectors model along with plenty of other things. I really love the Lego Batman Batmobile and the Captain Mal Reynolds figures. I did try and group items near their respective franchises.

A shot of the other bookcases and you can see some more Simpsons sets such as the Simpsons Family car and the Springfield Police Car with the Simpsons DVDs. There is also the Jurassic World gate set from Toys-R-Us build.The containers on the bottom shelves hold all the Lego minifigures that I am collecting grouped by their franchise and type. I have a small bucket of ones that I need to go through and sort through next also there.

A few of the books I have along with old video games are on the last few shelves. Then the other shelves hold just a few tools to big for the tool chests and other thing such as Christmas lights, batteries, cleaning supplies and other shop items. I also have several cases of water in the shop just in case.

One last look at the shelves, the grey flag is the JROTC TCW flag that was given to me many years ago. There is also a World of Warcraft Alliance banner there. On the other side of that shelf are some folding ladders and sawhorses for projects.

Well that is my shop and I am sure it will be changed or modified soon. Hope you enjoyed that quick glimpse and it gives you some ideas on how to make your own little spot that promotes everything positive about yourself.


Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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